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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Late night Coffee@Barista

Late Night Coffees after Dinner, actually help serve a lot of Purpose. One it aids in the Digestion Process after a heavy meal, and for those who have not been satiated with their Dinner, it provides an opportunity  actually have some nice desserts or a lite bite to complete the unstaisfied meal ... Even Otherwise, Coffee Drinking has taken on a whole new meaning in India, especially the last deacde and a half ... Coffee Drinking has really come of age and that too big time .. A far cry from the Days of Filter Coffee to the Powdere and Chikori mixed Coffees by Nescafe & the other brands .. Coffee drinking, as a Concept, has been always associated with Novelty, Intelligentsia, the adobe of Classes, thinkers, writers (No Bloggers Like Me), who would meet at the Coffee Homes in the City, and dwell for hours together, chatting, debating, discussing ...

 With a Total Domestic Coffee Consumption of 80,000 Tons per year as against 9,00,000 Tons of tea , India Clearly is a Tea Drinkers Market .. With the average, Tea to Coffee Consumption Ration being 11:1, Indians still have a long way before they could be a Coffee Nation, But things are Changing fast now, Today India has a Total of 1870 Coffee Retailing Outlets, mainly all the Franchise models of Leading Brands like, Cafe Cofee Day, Barista, Costa Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ....against just 40 Odd Tea Bars or Cha Bars....Coffee Drinking is about the Experience, its also about being able to feel free & doing your thing .... WiFi / Internet usage in most of the Outlets, makes it a Social Platform for the young, urban Indians to channelise their thoughts & creativity
 Accroding to a Survey Report, Capuccino & Latte are the 2 most Popular Coffees which sell close to 67% of the Coffees sold at these Joints...Capuccino is basically one Part Coffee, One Part Water, One Part Milk. Cafe Latte is one Part Coffe & two Parts Milk..While the Other Coffees, Espresso is a Pure shot of Coffee to be had neat. whereas Machiato is Espresso with some Frothy milk...


Standing Tall ....Cuppa Cappuccino

This what you dont get at other Places or something that may not go too well with a Tea or CHA Bar - The Yummy Pizza

Some Fries to go along with it


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