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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bikers Cafe

Having heard & read tons of raving reviews about this cool & happening, through various mediums & forums, especially my latest association with the Zomato team, which have had huge reviews mentioned about this cool little joint located in Vasant Vihar, I decided it was time to have my first hand experience of this Outlet
Located in the tiny, almost derelict Vasant Vihar market, this outlet has a fantastic approach from the main road - The striking, almost inviting sign board (done on a wooden frame)a cool and nicely done, liittle patio just outside the restaurant- inviting you inside the waiting arms of the little café - add to it, Bikers, Harley davidons, Royal Enfileds, have a certain machismo built as a halo around them - so may be this outlet invites you to unleash the machismo within
Inside, the outlet is pretty neatly done, and pics of Legendary Bikers adventures, the next biking destinations & journeys - it immediately sets you off to a cool & casual setting - The staff, suits the mood & ambience of the café - relaxed & casual  - They also have interesting concept of renting out games on an hourly basis - Like Ludo, Scrabbles etc - to keep the chit chat & discussion going forward
The food is more of Continental & Italian - Understandably, the Breakfast options are what are the best sellers in the Café -- Their all time hit , is the Bun Maska & cutting chai - reminiscent of the Streets of Mumbai - We ordered for , what turned out to be the signature sandwich of the Café (Bikers Café Special sandwich) --- A triple decker sandwich loaded., with Chicken ham, shredded chicken, generous spread of ,Mayonaise , stuffed with Fried Eggs & served with Coleslaw & French fries -- Looking at the Portion, you will be convinced , that its good enough for a BBB-BIG BIKER BOYS
The Other breakfast dish we ordered was the Chilly Garlic Cheese toast - The Garlic flavour was subtle & not overpowering - with just the right amount of melted cheese -- we washed this down with Cups of Masala Chai & Cappucino
A heavy breakfast, which saw me through pretty late in the day -- a satisfying breakfast -- going there for more ... On my Car, if not the  Bike



  1. I will say just Woww..!! Your blog is soooo awesome man. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Thanks Nikita....was off writing for some time...now starter my blog again...Pl do keep reading....Thanks a lot for kind words