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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Defence Bakery - Fresh,Cold & Soft Sandwiches

Gourmet affairs continues its exploration of some of the best Bakeries in town . I don't know what thing I have for bakeries --- A weekend evening, would probably find me at any of the numerous bakeries thronging, Greater Kailash , Kalkaji --- Give me nice soft & cold sandwiches for lunch, Grilled spicy sandwiches along with some veggies for Dinner, and I am sorted --- Just love the Sandwiches - especially the Cold & soft ones --- May be its the European touch is it ---- Don't know, but I am a huge sandwich fan ---- and this love for bakeries, invariably draws me to " Defence Bakery" - Aptly named after, the prestigious South Delhi, Plush Colony -This is a small bakery which has been serving some of the best breads, Cakes, Cookies, Sandwiches, Patties, Burgers & all delicious baked goodies for donkeys years now


Let me get straight to the basics - The Outlet offers a very nice, cosy ambience - Wooden flooring, bright lightings - and a wide variety to chose from . My all time favourite here is the "DB Chicken Roll" - Lightly herbed, dressed in maynoaise, cream & mustard, the DB Roll, is my take on the Classic English Chicken Roll - Soft, Cold, Lightly herbed, with a dash of Mayonaise, & a brilliantly fresh, tasty & soft bread --- The bread in itself is a great treat --- Being a Cold sandwich , has a risk for the bread going a bit moist or soggy, when kept for long in a refrigerated base --- But these breads are just perfectly soft & fresh - I was told, that the Buns are baked in house --- The Chicken Tikka Sandwiches are also quite nice ---- The stuffing of Chicken inside the sandwiches are also quite generous - The actual test for which is very simple - Once you bite your sandwiches - the soft stuffing should ooze out slightly from the bread - That's the test - The Butter Chicken Hotdog is also quite amazing & offers a tangy twist without being too sour or spicy

The Tiramisu Pastry, The Banoufee Pie are both absolutely amazing & at par with some of the best pastries, I Have ever eaten ----

                                    The Show Stopper - The "DB" Roll

The Amazing Range of Cakes & Pastries - The best part about the Defence Bakery is that, all the stuff, is amazingly fresh & makes use of the best quality ingredients only - The buns, the maynaise, the chicken quality, the cream, great emphasis is given on use of best in class ingredients & the freshness ..... Highly recommended, if in mood for a Light lunch of sandwiches - which I can truly have every single day of my life -- However, its great for a quick bite & that late evening grub ---- Must Visit  & don't try to forget their Special Home made Bar Chocolates


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