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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dunkin Donuts & More- Revisited

In my previous post, I had mentioned about Dunkin Donuts, when the same had been launched, in my favourite market in Delhi - The M block, Greater Kailash- 1. A lot of things have changed since then, including my perception. From being just another Cool Coffee & Donut serving place, Dunkins has come a lot way - it especially reflects in their new rechristening - Dunkin Donuts & More

(My previous Blog Post on Dunkin Launch ::::::http://gourmetaffairs.blogspot.in/2012/05/dunkin-donuts.html)

Today Dunkin has evolved itself into The Coffee Shop for the Gen X, who unlike the older generations, love their Coffee, with some quick eats & quick eats, is what Dunkins has made their forte, so to speak - They offer some of the most amazing Subs & for the fill they provide to starved tummies, they are pretty value for money too - 7-8 Different Sandwiches, for Veg & Non Veg both ---- I find these best suited for Indian Palettes - with the right Masalas, & bite to tickle the taste buds. In offer with the Combos, they are a sure reasonable meal for the young Urban Indian - I have many a times picked up the combos whilst back from a late night office slogging

Their Cupwiches are to die for - an interesting take on the ever popular , Cup Cakes - The CupWiches - are soft dough, stuffed with Cheese, Mushroom, Tomatoes, Chicken depending on what you prefer (Veg / Non Veg) - Baking these results in a shot of melted cheese & stuffing in your mouth - Priced at Rs 60/- these are a big hit here

The Bagels, being great, should come as no surprise, as being the All American chain, Bagels is the standard stuff, which these guys can dole out even in sleep - The Classic Cream & Cheese Bagel, The Egg & Cheese breakfast Bagel are quite extraordinary - Fresh & soft bread, right flavouring of herbs & grains, leave an interesting concoction of tastes in your mouth

In the beverages, while they have the standard fare, Their Dunkachinnos, seem to have been a big hit already -

The Latest addition to their ever growing Food repertoire, is the Burgers - The flagship being the "Heavnens can wait" Burger or something, which seems to be doing well - Not had the Opportunity to try one - would update once mission accomplished


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