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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chicken Today

Chicken Today - is part of the Alcheimest group - The promoters of "Republic of Chicken" - They seem to have taken their Chicken Concept -( from offering, Frozen, pre packed & ready to eat Chicken) to the next level in form of the "Chicken QSR" & seem to have done a decent job .. strangely the manager didn't allow us to click pics of the store from inside - some strange understanding which people seem to be having these days

The Outlets are pretty nicely done -- spacious seating area ---- The outlet at New Friends Colony is located on 2 floors, with seating for about 35-40 people in the restaurant ------
The Highlights :
The Bengal Mustard Tangri & the Bengal Mustard Chicken Burger ---- These were the 2 best items of the evening for me --- Bengalis mustard burger, something really refreshing & different, tried in a really long long time The mustard flavour was subtle without being too overpowering or killing the other flavours...

The Bengal Mustard Tangri was also quite decent --- Pretty different from the usual coal char grilled flavours of the tandoori chicken -- this was quite a treat to the taste buds .......

Their Green Dip is something to die for - absolutely "lick a licious" sweet tangy cold & refreshing - The Chicken Ajwain roll was average - Their meal combos are pretty decent too ---- served with Roomali rotis & Dal Makhani ---quite decent

Are you in the mood for "Chicken Today"


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