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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brunch Buffet at Khidmat- Kalkaji

Khidmat -- Literal meaning - "At your Service" - Khidmat has been serving foodies in Kalkaji for over 5-6 years, atleast that's what I have been able to keep track of for sometime now -- They are one of the earlier restaurants in Kalkaji, serving Alcohol as well. In fact the ambience is just right for a "Resto Bar" -- They have off late ventured into the Buffet Offerings - which they Proudly promote as "Brunches" - Looking for a Brunch filling myself on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I set out to explore the eateries in Kalkaji --- Being a Foodie & a Marketer, an Interestingly done "Point of Sale material" - a banner announcing the Price , caught my attention & I decided to venture inside - wife & kid in toe

This one is a big 100 seat restaurant, with an dark ambient setting - Perfect for a Day time drinking session with friends or colleagues...We ordered for 2 Buffets -- The Buffet line up was reasonably well done & especially for the Price Tag - 599 /= - No reasons to complain - 3 starters in Veg & Non Veg Both & Soups

The Tandoori stuff in starters was what I enjoyed the most - especially Chicken Tikka & Paneer Tikka - The Chinese version of the starters was not that great - Both Chicken & Cheese Chilly ---- The Mutton Seekhs , were well balanced in spices --

In the Main Course, the spread was -
Indian :
2 Non Veg dishes : Butter Chicken & Mutton Shahi
Paneer Kadai, Dal Makhani, Aloo Gobhi,
Chinese : Noodles, Manchurian
Live Pasta counter

The world may keep raving about "Dal Bukhara" at ITC & their so called Legendary fan filled tales & continue fleecing us for a dish, that is at best average ....I feel, a Good Punjabi Chef, can cook the Dal Makhani, just as well ---- All you need is lots of love & great butter !!! The Dal Makhani at Khidmat
is just outstanding & is any day better than your "Dal Bukhara"

The Mutton Shahi - was simply scintillating & tantalising for the taste buds ----- Mutton was yummy, really soft & despite being immersed in the delicious gravy, I could clearly feel the taste of the Mutton dish --- that's what really sets mutton apart from Chicken --- Chicken is too bland - Mutton has its distinct flavour



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