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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shere Punjab @ Kalkaji

Located in the busy hustle and bustle of KalkajI market, is located this pretty old restaurant serving Indian and Mughlai food. Owned and managed by a Sikh Father Son Duo, this small little place has been serving it's patrons consistently

I have noticed this quite looking place many a times during my visit to the Kalkaji market, however today was one of the days, when I felt like having some hot and crispy tandoori rotis and digging them into a spicy gravy

Normally I am a big fan of tandoori food  ( Tikkas, Tandoori chicken and barraas, are pretty much my thing) not so much for healthy reasons, but more so for the romance that the smell of a nice tandoori food does to me. The sensitivity of my nose to the smell of a tandoor in its full glory, is far greater than that for any other ordinary smell / odour

Having said that, I had been longing for a while to savour some real stuff. Piping hot, Crisp and fresh rotis, out straight from the tandoor, along with some "khada masala" based spicy chicken curry

We decided to order the staple chicken masala and chicken curry, which is generally the best selling item on menu for a Punjabi restaurant. I was pretty much transported to my college days , when restaurants would also sell chicken or mutton dishes by Quarter of a dish / half dishes as well, unlike and pretty much the etiquette of the fine dining plush restaurants, that strictly serve you a full dish only, for reasons of cost and economics purely

The Quarter dish concept worked very well for students and early jobbers, who are usually on a tight budget , at the same time want to enjoy a wholesome meal..The chicken masala, comes with  boiled eggs and a thick gravy.The gravy is made out of a base of " khadaa masalas" and gives you a very robust, fullsome and aromatic flavour and being straight from a punjabi restaurant, is not modest or conservative with the grease

All in all, a great lunch with the Hot tandoori rotis, Dhaba style spiced up chicken and " lachcha onions"..No frills, no fancy seating , basic stuff with a clean and hygeinic food,having personal involvement of owners

Do visit when in a desi mood...pretty reasonable for the pocket as well