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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chaayos....Experiments with Chai.....

A nation which lives to drink Chai at home and coffee outside of home.Long before coffee drinking became the "cool" thing to do, Chai held centerstage in our lives.The Famous Bengali "ADDA" is incomplete without  Chai and Gupshup....So Coffee is about Conversations and chai Is about Gup Shup and the works.
Celebrating Indias love for Chai and bringing it alive in a refreshing retail concept is Chaayos..Started in 2012 by 2 IITians who quit their high paying jobs to offer us a unique tea drinking experience..

Chaayos. ..Experiments with Chai, stick to their basic concept and go all out and present the ever so common, humble, almost plebeian, Chai in a refreshingly cool, modern and trendy Avataar...Move away from the boring Peach and lemon iced teas that you could manage to get in Coffee retailers..They have more than 25 varieties of Chai which can be custom made in more than 12000 different ways..The flavours used are "desi" but somehow best kept as ingredients in kitchen and not to be flaunted like the way these guys have done.....adrak, elaichi, cardamom, saunf, lung, kali mirch, tulsi, ajwain, moti elaichi...With variants like Sulemani chai (black tea), Irani chai( more milk), Cutting chai, Kullad wali chai...

The food menu is intelligently made with focus on lite and quick bites..The idea to build on some of the local street food is interesting..Vada Paav, poha, bun maska,  egg buns, sev n buns, keema pav...I was not very impressed with the food in terms of taste and authenticity..However the great flavours of tea, the ambience and setting make up for the lacklustre taste of food..Some of the wraps I have heard are decent but did not try..The vada pav, Bun maska were pretty average

However do visit this place for its great Tea and find your "meri wali chai" that's what their punchline is..The food needs to evolve over a period of time , but full marks to the experiment....happy chai drinking


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  2. Hi Mona.They have not experimented with food so much ...kept it basic...but the Chai is really special and raises the tea drinking experience

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