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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foodie Delights-Best Afghani Chicken- Kebabs & Curries

Kebabs & Curries, is quite a Popular & well known, Take away  & Home Delivery restaurant, Located in the R-Block,GK- 1 market. Known for its specialisaton in Kebabs & Mughlai Food..Its been present for a good 13-14 years. Being very close to my place, have ordered food mainly for Home Delivery or for a bite in the Car... Recommended Snack  is the Afghani Chicken

I rate it as one of the Best Afghani Chickens in town...Making a Good Afghani Chicken is quite a task... Many a Places have spoiled his dish by the Cream coat on the Chicke making the Chicken too dry & void of any Juices..A Good afghani Chicken, the thick coating of the Masala nicely mixes with the Chicken juice & makes it a thick viscous coat, making it a great treat for the taste buds.... a Great craft is required, to ensure that the coat is not too thick & overpowering

Taste of heaven...The best recommended

The nice& greasy masala & the Chicken juice mix so nicely

Do try the Afghani Chicken.Even the Seekh Kabab is slightyly spicy...For the Curries, well you can try on your own

Taste - 9
Value for Money -8
Hygiene - 8

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