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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thai Shack@ Kailash Colony

Located in the Main Kailash Colony Market, & Opened Recently is a Nice & Small Thai Eatery Called Thai Shacks. This place is predominantly a Take away & Free Home Delivery Outlet . It also has some 2-3 Tables to accommodate some guests who may drop by for a snack

I start with the Highly recommended Kothe Momos. The Service is Prompt and within 5 minutes i receive my order of Hot & Fresh Momos.... The First bite was enough to tell me that I am in for a great taste ride.. The Momos, were Crispy Fried on One side & soft steamy on the Other Side, The Momos are sauted with a light Oil on the Pan & then served, quite a different treatment from the Normal Momos that we are served. Nicely Crisp, Soft on ones side, each bite filled with Juices....One of the best & Light Momos I have eaten...

The Juicy, succulent  crsipy Kothe Momos

Then i Ordered a Great sounding dish called the Nasigorang... This is an Indonesian Spiced rice & this is how it looks
The Fiery & Spicy, Indonesian NaziGoran Rice

Served with a Fried Egg on top of the Rice, The NasiGorang, strange sounding in name, but packed quite a Punch with the Spices ... The Chicken & shrimps are nicely tossed & Mixed with the rice ...  The Flavor of Fresh Basils ad greatly to the spicy &hot taste of the NasiGorang

Do Visit Or Order from Thai Shack, when in mood for a Nice Spicy Thai meal
TASTE  - 9
Hygiene – 8.5
Value for Money – 7
Ambience – Take Away


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