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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foodie Delights -Changezi Chicken@ Malviya Nagar

Located Just Outside the Famous Kareems Restaurant, In Malviya Nagar, a small roadside take away shnaty is Changezi Chicken Corner.. This Place specialises in Chicken Fry, Chicken Lollypops & Chicken Changezi...Looking at the number of Orders getting packed & the no of people coming just to have a bite of the Popular Chicken Fry, it seems that we have come at the Right place to get our fill of a quick snack

The Small Counter selling Fried Chicken by the Kilos
 The Chicken Lollypop is sold by weight - at 320/ for a Kilo, the min one can buy is 250gms.. Chicken Fry is served in pieces -
Looks like a Chicken Bazaar, half done stuff ready for a deep fry

One Quarter of Chicken is One Large Piece of Chicken, and  2 Large Pieces make for one half of the wonderful bird..Priced a Rs 60 for a quarter Chicken- which broken down is almost 4-5 small to medium pieces of deeply fried divine stuff

The Chicken fry & Spicy Lollypops in my plate
Served with a Liberal dose of Fresh Onions, some excellent Chutney, goes as a perfect ganishing for the dish. The Curd based Chutney deserves specail mention & just adds to the great taste..

We order for one more piece of Chicken Fry ...hmm the taste is too overpowering.....The Chicken however is a little dry & may be a dash less juicy than the one you will probably get at Jamia Nagar or Jama Masjid, but the taste is still great

Next we Order the Chicken Seekh Kababs.. To be Honest, at first I had my doubts about Ordering a seekh kabab from such a place.. With Fried stuff its ok, as anything which is deep fried at such a high temp, leavs very remote chances for any bacteria to survive..But all my apprehensions were laid to rest when i had my first bite of the divine seekh...hmm yummy...Correct amunt of spice, correct amount of Softness & juicy....

Look at what the Seekh Kabab looked like..Probably rate it as high as the one at Rajinder ka Dhaba

Do take time & visit when in Malviya Nagar..Highly Recommended

Taste -9
Hygiene- 7
Ambience - 6
Value for Money -9

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