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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dunkin Donuts- The New Happening Donut Place

Just Visited Dunkin Donuts, newly Opened Outlet in the bustling, Hip, Happening, mecca of Consumerism - The Famous M- Block, GK-1 Market,of South Delhi  last week. Dunkin Donuts, are one of the leading Chains of the US, who pioneered & leveraged the Franchise Concept, perfected by McDonalds, and used it to Build this Global Brand in the Food Business ... Personally I am not too big a Fan of Donuts & dont have any such fascination for Donuts ..... But as they say, "All Foodies may always not be the same" so for the special ones who have a Sweet Tooth - Donuts offer something exciting to Us ...

Different Reasons for People to Love this ... Variety of Colors, Beautiful Round Shape , quite bit like the World ... The Donuts are round like the world, and Like Life, they too have many many different Colors ....Enough of Philosophy, do check the Photographs of the Donuts .......A Visual Treat ......

"You can get Donut in any shape, as long as they are Round"

Colorful world of Donuts !!!!!!!

Just like the world ...Round but many Colors & faces....

The Menu !!!!!

Some Lighter Colors...strawberry, Mango

Mango & Chocolate Donuts

Rainbow on My PLate !!!!!

My Order ..... Enjoy

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