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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Biryani at Jamia, Batla House !!!!

Jamia Milia IslamiaUniversity, is as famous for the Intellectual Capital that this university has produced, as the whole slew of eateries serving some deicious & lip smacking, non vegetarian food stuff .. The University is abode to thousands of students, and the surrounding area is inhabited mainly by the Muslims, which are again second to none in terms of their Cusine, their love for food & hospitality ....

This area around Jamia attracts Non vegetarian food lovers from across Delhi, with so many shops & small eateries dishing out real fresh & scrumptous dishes. A Word of Caution ::::: This food is not for the Light hearted, Calorie Counting Sorts ....coz the food here is simply one hell of  Greasy & calorie laden guilt.....So watch out ..... One such PLace near the rather Ill famous Batla House, near jamia, is the Al Nawaz Restaurant .... Almost allways full, you can see people having their fill of the most delectable dishes ... The Dum Chicken Biryani, The Chicken Kurma, the famous, must have "Chicken Changezi" , The "to die for Chicken Fry" - I am sure, on Plain taste, The Chicken Fry sold in such numerous, small eateries of delhi, especially the Muslim eateries, can anyday beat the Likes of KFC, Brosters Buddy Chicken...Its just that somebody needs to do a good job of packaging , Hygiene, Presentation & Voila !!!! you will see Indias Global answer to KFC soon ... The smell of the batter is just too tempting to ignore....

Mr Sant Singh Chatwal, has Americans literally eating out of his hand, with the One Dollar Curry, I imagine what woudl happen, if somebody could give the americans a taste of the Real Chicken Kurma...

The Phirnee is toooo goddddd.....

The Dips add that bite to the flavorsome Biryani

The Show Stopper

This One is quite unusually different from the Awadhi Dum Biryanis - The Cooking process is similar, but the change of spices does the trick ...Instead of an Overdependence on expensive Spices Like Cardamom, Cinamom, Saffron the resturant use a lot of black pepper, Cumin, Lime, Dhaniya, Cloves and with the Dum process employed with these spices, there is a whole new dimesnion to the Biryani & is quite well done .... For Rs 50/ for a Plate, youi cant ask the whole world, Can you ????

Do try when you are around Jamia --- This is one of the More hygieneic ones in that area, I am sure you cant even think of going to other places there - The dirty job of finding the good ones, yours truly will happily oblige & update in next post

Happy Eating !!!


  1. I have tried the Biryani in Jamia and have loved it. There is this restaurant called "Babu Shahi Barwarchi" located in Mathura Road, Pragati Maidan which is quite close to Jamia. I would suggest everybody to try them as well. Trust me its one of those authentic restaurants where you would get traditional Biryani in Delhi

    1. its the most pathetic biryani you can ever have in your life if you actually know what is the good taste of biryani....babu shahi is dead so does the culinary experience you can have there...

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