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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Pakaoure - There is something about this Humble snack, which we Delhites, even with all our Haught cant resist . Come to think of it, Simple modest looking Vegetable, Potatos, Onions, Some Spinach, Cauliflower, Big Green Chillies, Brinjal, Cottage Cheese or Paneer, mix them in a batter of Basin (another Humble mix made out of Gram Pulses), deep fry them to a Cholestrol raising Golden brown color, and serve on a plate . Now this is where the Delhites may differ in their approach

While the Delhite from the Chic parts of the City, South Delhi Types, whose diet conscious and has a belly obnoxious, would prefer to laden his plate with a protective covering of the Tissue papers, to drain out the extra Oil, where as the Property Dealer in Rajouri Garden, who probably treats his entire staff to a Lunch of Cholle Bhatture & evening snacks of Samosa & Bread Pakore, will save the tissue for wiping his fingers & not his Pakoures , after all we have paid for the oil as well , paaji, why to squeeze it ... Pehle hi sarkaar Saada khun chus rahi hai, te assi bhi tel no chus le ve

Look at that Plate of Fried Goodies... A mood enhancer & a Local Anti Depressant of Sorts . The kind of Comfort food, one would like to eat on a Cold Winter Evening in Delhi, with a strong Ginger tea . Balle Balle !!!!!!


The Plate here is from a Bread Pakoure wala in Punjabi Bagh and has got quite a plateful.  There is the Localied French Fries with lots of spices sprinkled, Gobhi Pakaure, Aloo, Pyaaz, Paalak, & the King of Evening Snacks, the Paneer stuffed Bread Pakoura . Served with a Variety of Dips,
Green Chutney - Dhania, Pudina, Green Chillies,
Red Chutmey - Imli & Saunf ki Chutney

I have seen so many Elderly Punjabi Gentlemen relishing this snack in the evenings, That It just gives great pleasure watching them polish off this, and especailly the SardaarJis in Patel Nagar - I have never seen anyone eat a Pakaoure with so much elan & style, First you break a small bite of the Big Piece, Dip it in a Hari or Saunf ki Chutney, put it in the Mouth, Bite it, Devour it for few seconds & then the best part, wiping the grease of their fingers on the moustache & the beard.....This is called a Multi Utilitarian eating . Proud of Delhi


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