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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pizza Hut- From QSR to Casual Fine Dining

My Previous Blog Post in January regarding the Stupendous Growth Rates of the Food & Beverage Industry in India, mentioned about how many of the International Food Chains are vyeing the Indian Market & looking at Franchising as a means to establish their presence in the Market . The F&B industry is being Driven by 4 Major formats, Cafes, QSR, Carts or Kiosks & Fine Dining. QSRs & Carts / Kiosks are the driving force fuelling the trend for a very fast growth in the Industry

http://gourmetaffairs.blogspot.in/2012/01/pizza-hut-special-offer-3-course-meal.html - had mentioned about the Good work which these Food Chains are doing especially building up of a Franchise network & Improving Consumer eating out experiences . One thing to observe is the way, Pizza Hut has quickly repositione itself from just a QSR (quick service restaurant) to ACDR (Affordable Casual Dining Restuarant), a change cleverly bought about by operating 2 successful but different formats, (The Pizza Express) & the Pizza Hut . Smart tweeking & Introduction of Innovative Dishes in the Menu. Toda Pizza hut offers the most complete range in Pastas, Pizzas, Soups & a whole host of exciting Appetisers . I had an Opportunity to have a relaxed lunch at the Outlet after a Long time . A weekday Lunch at a Restaurant, is always a luxury never to be missed, and its always relaxing to Visit the Piza hut,@ Great India place, Noida - Quite spacious & an always courteous staff - I ordered the Grilled Chicken Pasta & the Very Interesting "Jamaican Jerk Herb Spiced Chicken" -

The Chicken Pasta was quite Fresh, absolutely perfectly spiced, a touch of Basil leaves to add that extra aroma to the Dish.  The Penne, was nice, soft very Fresh & the Garlic bread, after a long time, I had just plain Garlic bread, No Garlic Bread exotica or bread loaded with Butter - This one was a Crisp Bread with a dash of Butter & a stromg Garlic Flavor

The Jamaican jerk Herb Spiced Chicken was served with a Very Light, Fresh Mint & Cucumber Curd Dip , served on Skewers, Priced at Rs 130 for 6 Pieces, with such an ambience, to me was pretty reasonably priced . The Chicken had the perfect spicing, although it seemed to be done on a bar be cue, but the Marinate was much lighter, much fresher than the Tandoori Chicken Tikkas, which people might believe once you look at the Chicken Skewers

Enjoyed my Lunch, Hope you enjoy the Pics

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