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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Keventers Milk@ Connaught Place

Long Before The Baristas & the Cafe Coffee Days of the World, came knocking to the Food Capital of India, Our Delhi, and started offering their exotic version of  highly processed Cold Coffeees, Mojitos, Ice based drinks, Chillers, Slushes & what not,  Delhi was  quite well equipped to beat the heat & with its Desi Beverages ruling the roost . Right from the Bante walaa Soda, to the Lassi as Big Halwais, Delhi had an answer to the thirst of its people. Serving Chilled Flavored Milk for deades together, Keventers Flavore milk, is a Popular landmark in the Connaught Place Market of Delhi

As Kids, I would come here Often with Parents for a Bottle of the Chilled Flavored Milk at Kaventers.I remember, many a stories from My Dad, and how their Outings at Connaught Place would never be Complete without a Visit to Kaventers. It probably was alsto wash down, the Umpteen Fillings of Sambhar & Chutney, which they had at the Indian Coffee House. A Princley lunch of Authentic Masala Dosas, Sambhar, Chutneys, lots of Bird watching in the Evenings & cooling down with the Chilled Kaventers Flavored Milk

Even Today, you can see hordes of People standing outside the humble shop located in the Corner and having their fill of this amazing drink .The Flavored Milk bottle is a true indicative of the large heartedness which Delhites have come to known for .. The bottles come in half a Litre serving and not for the ones with a small appetite. There is decent variety to Chose from ,Strawberry, Cold Coffee, Badaam, Butter Scotch, Chocolate Kesar.. The Milk is just rightly cold, its not too chilled so as to rattle your teeth, a perfect cold temperature, good enough to take a Big Gulp and not being able to remove the straw.. In Summers as you keep sipping the flavored mil you can feel the Chill going down your chest to your stomach and that is quite a Divine feeling

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