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Monday, November 12, 2012

Saoji Cusine of Nagpur,

I was on Official Visit to Nagpur sometime last Month. Have to admit was really Impressed by the way the City has shaped up . Actually shouldn't  have been so surprising, had i checked my facts, Nagpur being the 3rd largest city in the Maharshtra state. From a Tourist perspective, it has all the trappings of a Potenttial Metro - Heavy Traffic - burstimg traffic rather, Huige number of HighStreets, Amazing kinds of Malls & the right mix of small local markets . Nagpur also enjoys the distinction of being the 3rd largest city in Maharashtra, after Mumbai & Pune

Nagpur is also famous for its legendary Food, and the Saoji Cusine scores highly amongst all its Cusines . Saoji is a Typically Nagpur speciality & is known for its "Spicy" Flavor . In fact the Locals devour this place so much, that you have probably Hundreds of Small restaurants in the City serving Saoji Cusine More Popular being the Pinto Shaoji ..

The Cusine is famous for the Non Vegetarian Preparations of Chicken & Mutton. Also the use of Khadda or semi blended Spices is what adds that Pungency, Bite & extra spiciness to the flavors . The Good thing about this Cusine is that, Inspite of being so hot, it doesnt upset ones stomach & the preparations are done in an absolute home Like manner & even the set up of the Saoji Restaurants is quite simple & a good no frills dining for the entire Family. So its like Home Food served in a Simple Restaurant Like ambience, allowing the Family an outing to enjoy

 The Price list sits firmly fixed to the wall & the Maximum, One has to shell out for the best dish is 130/= The also serve their local delicay "the Gawaarni Chicken" -which basically means a "Desi Chicken" the one which is bred & reared in normal environment, unlike the farm bred & raised organic variety of Broilers, that we are used to -

And Here is the Show Stopper - The Mutton Dish can be seen floating in a "Spicy - BOLD RED" curry with a good amount of grease . To be had with Home made, Fresh & Crisp , Wheat Rotis - One meal you cant miss


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