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Monday, November 12, 2012

Bagels Cafe-Hauz Khas Village

Located at the Corner of one of the numerous bylanes of the Hauz Khas Village, Bagels Cafe offers a relaxed, scenic view on a lazy Sunday Morning. With a Variety of Bagels & Breakfast options to chose from, this Cafe is your ideal choice to start a lazy holiday, soaking in all the flavour, moods & ambience of the Art filled Hauz Khas Village

Walking down the Hauz Khas Village, one is sure to witness an amazingly high number of Designer Boutiques, Designer Shops, ranging from Whos Who of the Fashion World, to the Avant Garde new entrants as well . One is also sure to witness the interesting array of Eateries spread across the Locations . While there are few eateries, which are the Franchised Ones Like Pind Balluchi, or the South Indian Navedyam, a Lot many of the Eateries are the Single Shop Joints, which have a lot of the Arty Flavor of Hauz Khas Village

The Cafe makes maximum use of the Natural Morning Sunlight and offers a very bright natutral light ambience, making it a perfect setting for good discussions, Chats & thoughtful conversations, and a pretty good place for Bird Watching ( Checking out Beautiful Foreigner Girls) The Menu Cards are in keeping with the Eco Drive, which an Arty Cafe should be associated with, and are made from Cardboard Paper

The Nice and almost serene setting outside on a Bright & Lazy Sunday

Very Nicely Lit Interiors making maximum use of the Natural Lighting, a well laid out space, neat packaging add to the mood of the Cafe

The Cheese & Vegetable Bagel served with a side order for Chips, and a Strong Assam Team

Take a Closer Look at the Cheese oozing out of the Bagel.. Melted Fresh Goat Milk Cheese, leaves a thick Consistent flavour on the Tongue . add to it the Freshness of the Bagels, the slight tinge of the sesame seeds, leave a delectable taste on your tongue, which lingers on long after you have had your first bite of the Bagel

The View Outside the Cafe, straight out of a Movie Scene which depicts a quiet place near a Forest, with Rocks, Trees, a good view to have after a Good breakfast

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  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. The village has something to offer for everyone. Once an important Islamic learning centre (due to the Madrasa located in the area), this place used to attract Islamic scholars from far and beyond. But the real attraction of this place lies not in its splendid architecture or even in its status of being an academic centre, but in the sheer magical beauty of the place. Explore more about Hauz Khas Village entry fees, open timings, visit duration etc.