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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Street Foods of Saket

Saket - has been a Haven for Shoppers for quite soem time. Right from the resurgence of the almost dead - Anupam Cinemas - which was a Forlorn Single Screen theater in Saket, where one would only Visit with Friends & not their families (if you understand what i mean), to its sudden rise , as the Hottest Cinema Destination of the Country - with the Launch of the Priya Village RoadShow Cinemas, more Popularly known as the PVR - The Concept of Multi Screen Theaters was first Introduced by PVR Anupam - Great Media Frenzy, Visits by BollyWood Celebrities to Open their Movies from this Happening MultiPlex . Saket , was suddnly the I.T. place in town


While in my Previous Blog, i mentioned about how the PVR Saket Complex has turned into a Foodie Hub, with various eateries thronging this place & one can have a Good Meal for 2 People Under 500/ - and that too under the Heavenly Skies - Perfect place to eat in the Delhi Winters - with the Food ranging from Pizza Chains, Coffee QSRs, Lebanese, McDonalds, Ruby Tuesdays, Indian & Mughlai Foods...There is also a slew of Restaurants which line up the Road from Anupam Saket to the Malls of Saket, which have been dishing out amazing Street Food & Snacks for a Long time now.
 There is a Famous South Indian Cart, which has been serving Dosas, Idlis, Vadas , Uttapams for almost 15 years now.  Locasted just outside the Womens Hostel in Saket - Its a good place for treating your eyes to some Female Candy as well ....

 Move a Bit ahead from that South Indian Cart towards Nehru Place, you will find another South Indian Cart serving Crisp Dosas & Vadas . Also One can find, a recently Put up Cart, serving Mughlai Food - albeit a Limited Range - Biryanis , Qormas with Roomali Rotis

 Winters is the Best time to Enjoy the Street Food of Delhi - Great Chill, Hot steamy Food , Cold breeze blowing across - If there is Heaven any where - This is it - This is it - This is it ....


  1. Hi friend, you are right. We Indians love to eat and It's great informative post for Restaurant in Saket. I would like to thank you for your information.