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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shawarma House -Golf Course road,Gurgaon

Golf Course road, On Gurgaon is a huge Corporate Hub, and its also coming up as a little foodie zone as well , catering to the vast number of office mongers .... Subway, Shawarma House, Striker at Global Foyers, Bercos,a slew of Korean & Japanese restaurants .. During one of the bad food days at our office canteen, I decided to head for a quick bite to one of these outlets

when time is less, all you want to look for is a quick & helathy bite . I headed for the Shawarma house in the Central plaza mall ..Located at the corner on the main pavements leading upto the mall, this is a nifty little joint, spread across 3-4 outlets in Gurgaon itself .. They serve the Middle eastern,& lebanes cusine --- Shawarmas, Falafels, wraps, Fatayers , Kofta kebabs is what they specialise in

 Served with a special garlic dip called taatkee ..which i found a bit tangy for my palate . I have had taatkee, at many places , but this one was quite tangy & liquid, unlike the strong garlic & thickened dips that one gets at the restaurants - The bread is quite soft, compared to most shawarma breads i have ever had .....Priced at Rs 140/= , Its quite a fill

The menu of the outlet -- Nice brightly done backgrounds



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    1. Thanks a lot for your readership....The blog is active once again..Pl do keep reading. .cheers

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