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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mocha Coffee Bar- DLF Saket

Located on the 1st Floor of the DLF Mall in Saket, Mocha is an Indian Coffee Chain, which offers a very relaxed & casual Coffee bar cum restaurant experience .. Situated in the Corner, offers this restaurant a great view of the buzz happening in the mall .. Mocha started their 1st branch in the M-Block, Greater Kailash- Part 1. Infact Mocha can be credited with introducing the Flavoured Hookahs to Delhites . Also popularly known as Sheeshaa , the Flavoured hookas have taken Delhi & many of the metros by storm

Gourmet Affairs visited Mocha during one of the relaxed weekends, always preferring the Snacking time as the best time to eat - because, while Important meals of the Day Like Lunch & Dinner , should only be had once during the day, Its the "Snack" which one can actually have more than once - After all, its just a snack .....

The Restaurant has no Doors, which is a very interesting layout - & especially for a Mall shop.Making myself comfortable in the Cool ambience of the place , I scanned the Menu for picking up my Snacks ....We started with the Cutting Chai & Bun Maska, a Quintessial student favourite - The Cutting tea, had a great Cinnamon tone, and the Sweet Bun was lightly buttered - For Rs 50, a reasonable treat

Next was the Chicken Sausage Omelette - Served with Fries, a special cream dip & Crisp toasted bread - It was the perfect appetiser --- Smoky Chicken sausages, with loads of Coriander, cilantro & Basil for flavours - The Creamy dip was quite light, frothy & a bit tangy ----- Munch along with the fries & a sinful unhealthy snack

Next on our table, was a Red Sauce Pasta ---- Hmm, heavily loaded with Herbs - Oregano, Thyme, Basil, lots of garlic powder - Red hot pasta sauce --- accompanied by a Crisp Garlic toast ---- The Pasta, was quite nicely greased & spiced - One of the best, Red Sauce Pastas, ever tasted


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