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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Viva Hyderabad - The Biryani Chain of Outlets

Hyderabadi cusine, known for its rich Mughlai fare, the delectable biryanis, the succulent kebabs, the royal spread- its a culinary world which is hugely popular -thanks in part to the aura & partly to the mystique & confusiion which surround sthis cusine - whether its done to death comparison with the lucknowi cusine or the purists debating to differentiate it from the mughlai or awadhi cusine ---Also the classic debate - over the Biryani - Which is the better one Lucknowi Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani ..... However One thing is clear, Biryani is one of the most classic meals of the exqusite Hyderabadi cusine --- Its also famous for its Pathar ke kebabs, The Classic Haleem, The shahi tukda & the works.

Viva Hyderabad is one such chain of eateries that is doing its bit to bring the ever popular Hyderabadi Cusine & take it to the Delhities like never before & that too in an QSR, affordable format - Well, being someone on the go, even when stationary, I have a special affinity for QSRs - A) They are quick to serve & quick to eat - quick to eat, is a given with yours truly -- but the impatient foodie needs his meals quickly served as well , B) Thanks to the memories of Student days, when exploring so many food options -(Only for the readers of the Blog), QSRs are also easy on the pocket --  For the uninitiated - QSR - refers to Quick service restaurants, which serve your typical take away food

Viva Hyderabad have close to 10 outlets in Delhi / NCR & growing rapidly thanks to a simple, yet effective business model - They take small shops, not more than 100 sq feet kiosks, where they serve some limited Hyderabadi Fare , which is basically precooked - Its is just heated over at the counter & you are ready to have a real quick bite .....

 Take a Look at the Biryan ---The Long multi colored grains of rice, each grain is so similar to the other yet so different - The pristine saffron yellow -The serene white of the grain, the vibrant red from the chillies, the occasional black (Clove thrown in), The tanned green cardomom --- a Color extravaganza & add to it the rich aromatic flavors.....hmmmmm. I am ready to fly ....to gourmet land.....

 I tried their Combo meal - The Shikhampuri kebab was something which i tried for the 1st time- this is made basically with a mix of yellow grams & hung curd--- The meat is from the leg of the Goat ...... it was just right spiced for me, subtle & not too over pervasive flavoring

All in all , a good experience, a quick bite in a qucik time & not too heavy on the wallet - Meal for 2 (Like yours truly) could be well under 500/ -- Inflation, are you listening ????

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