Gourmet Affairs

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Brown Box

Writing a foodie blog after a really long gap. The reasons for the gap have been plenty ranging from personal to professional to even abstinence from the carnivorous stuff for almost 3 months..all that is  ow a thing of the past and hope to continue fishing out small jewels located in corners and by lanes of Delhi NCR...

The Brown Box is one such place located in a Quaint, peaceful almost derelict and dilipidated Panchsheel DDA market..The place is ideal for those who want to savour decent cuppas of coffee and tea at the same time don't want to pay obnoxiously unjustified money like in case of Starbucks, CCDs and the likes. .Moreover the Starbucks and CCDs of the world have mechanised and corporatist the coffee drinking experience confining it to a closed machine like existence. ..THE Brown Box challenges the very notion and makes you sip your Tea and coffee the way it's supposed to be savoured...In a serene setting, surrounded by greenery, not many souls to bother you, and surely saves you the trouble of forced ear dropping on the "enlightening conversations" of the umpteen teenagers..

The Brown Box sticks to the basics..A patisserie specialising in Coffee, select pastries , sandwiches and cookies...The Blueberry cheese cake is as good as the best in town when it comes to texture, freshness..The Masala tea is a real hit here,  again pretty much a contrast to the pathetic mild teas served by the CCDs..The Sandwiches are really decent.Since they don't work on bull volume and a factory line like system, things are freshly made...

A Great experience to hang out and relax.there is a huge open space and thanks to lack of occupants in the DDA market , there is ample space for kids to chill and run around..Visit the Brown Box,  not just for coffee..but to sit and relax in the midst of greenery