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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Indias Frozen Yogurt Market----Ready to Hotten Up

Thats Right...Indias Frozen Yogurt Market is hotting Up, Literally with Lots of International Brands Vyeing for a Pie for the Premium Health Food Category....Knocking on a Largely Untapped, Premium Health Conscious, Low Fat Yogurt Market, CocoBerry has managed to have a Clear Dominant Leadership POsition

Launched in 2009, The Gurgaon Based, CocoBerry, has taken the Indian Premium Health Food Segment by a storm....Started from 2 Outlets, they enjoy a presence of 32 Outlets in the Country.... Taking a Cue from the Huge Response, many of the International Brands, have announced Intentions to enter & take the war in the Frozen Yogurt Market to the next level...

PinkBerry the Worlds leading Brand in the Premium Frozen Yogurt Market, has announced its plan to enter the Indian Market in a Big way .... Being Present in 17 Countries & 180+ stores worldwide, it will be Interestig to watch this segment


Yogurberry another South Korea Based Frozen Yogurt Chain is all set to enter the Indian Market . With Plans to expans to 100 stores in the Country over the next 5 years, the Frozen Yogurt Retail Market is set for Explosive Growth ... Consumers will be spoiled for Choice, it seems !!!!!

US Based Red Mango, plan to open 12-15 Outlets in the next 2 years... Canadian based Kiwi Swiss, already has Outlets in Bangalore & Chennai.....The frozen Dessert Market
 in India is $500 mn, out of which the Frozen Yogurt Market is expected to be $50 mn , and is a premium High End , Price point , with a 45 ml Cup of Yogurt @ Rs 60 + , with Toppings at an additional Price of 20-25/

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