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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local Chinese Manchurian

Hindi -Cheeni Bhai Bhai, is an age old phrase , which gained immense popularity post the waves of Friendship that were gaining moemntum, post a disastrous Indo-Chinese war 1962, More disastrous & damaging from Indias Point of view, But a War is a war, nonetheless .....Realisin the Futileness of war & the Humongous trade Potential, which these 2 Future Power houses could have betwwen them (who would know, that these 2 countries would be home to 33% of the worlds Population approximately) and form the Biggest Consumer Markets

Food being one of the Biggest beneficiaries of this ..Chinese is Today the Most Popular Foreign Cusine in India, and has completely been Indianised, localised, adapted & now as much a Part of our menu as Punjabi, South Indian, Mughlai etc etc ....

 Small Local Vans inside Colonies have been serving Localised variants of Chines Menu for ages....Chinese would be surprised to know of what all Spices their food can accomodate ......To the Spirit of Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai  & the hordes of Small Enterprenaurs who are making a living out of selling Chinese form their Vans (Chowmein, fried Rice, Momos, Soups, Chowpsey and the Likes)

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