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Saturday, June 2, 2012

MidNight Hunger Pangs-InterContinental Hotel

Hunger Pangs, can strike you at the most unusual times, especially late in the nights, or very early mornings .. Most of these Tmes, there isnt enough ammunition left in your kitchens or Fridges, to manage those Hunger Pangs .... Many a Times, they may also arise out of an unsatisfied Dinner, a Light meal or a not as per your taste kind of food ..People have their different ways of dealing with these

During Student days, I would often move out to explore the places where one can get something to eat at these odd hours... Railway Stations, Bus Stands, RickShaw Stands,and see a different world & side of the city, especially at such odd hours... Last week, to satiate my craving, post an unsatisfying meal, I went to the Coffee Shop, Hotel InterContinental..... Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Onion Rings ,,,,,,,

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