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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wengers Pastry Shop- Connaught Place

Wengers - The Capitals Oldest Bakery & Confectionery Shop, Located in the heart of the City, the Majestic Connaught Place. Wengers has truly stood the test of time, been witness to the Complete transformation of the ethos of the Capital City of Delhi.. Established in the year 1926 by a Swiss Couple named Wengers. Designed by British Architect, Sir Robert Rusell, Wengers largey catered to the taste of the Brtishers and staisfying their cravings for their favorite bakery foods - French Breads, Swiss Choclolates, Pastries, a largely  British food affair..Indians were too alien to this food ,and hence Wengers came to be associated, with the aura befitting for a British favorite Hang Out Place

Much has changed Since then ...In 1945 Wengers sold their Restaurant to an Employee, Mr
 Tandon, who has been running the restaurant since then. In fact the 3rd Generation of the Tandon Family is at the helm of affairs, currently. While Wengers , may not continue to hold the Mighty position it once enjoyed in the Capital but in the annals of history, this place is still a winner & favorite amongst many old timers

Kids who've heard fond memories about Wengers from their parents keep coming back , probably just to recapture the prized moments of youth which their parents would have spend

The food variety is quite extraordinary as well, with a range of delicious chocolates on display in different enticing color wraps. Fascinating repertoire of Pastries, Cakes, Cookies to make any Kid screach out in excitement & joy of laying their hands on them. Fresh Pattice with stuffings of Chicken Mushrooms, Paneer - Quiches, Pizzas, Long Breads, Garliec Breads, FootLongs, Cheese Twisters, Macaroons, Eclairs, Loads full of Bread Loafs - French, Garlic, Mushroom, Whole wheat, Brown & the likes .... Not to Forget the Sandwiches -- wholesome, home made mayonaise, fresh ingredients - quite a hit with Kids...Add to it the Huge Space to ensure the Customers are not jostling away even on a packed day ... Do Visit for a Bit of Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Pattice, Sandwiches , but More than anything else, Do visit for a Bit of History ....

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