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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Delhi 6 - Daulat ki chaat & Japani Samose

Continuing on Delhi-6 Exploration, Foodie Delights happened to taste another food, that is a vintage Signature Old Delhi speciality . The Daulat ki Chaat..Its actually a sweet..Not quite a Mithai not quite a dessert ...Its actually one of the most exquisite looking food one can taste.... A Huge, white milky & Frothy heap of whipped cream is kept on Huge vessels .. The Milk is whisked for hours together to get that frothy creamy heap .... The Daulat ki Chaat is not found in sweet shops or halwai shops, as we call in delhi ... There are local vendors, mainly hailing from UP & Bihar, who sell these on movable wooden stands ..... Priced at Rs 20 for a Plate, the taste actually takes a lot of precision from your Tongue .... The Cream just melts as soon as it lands on your tongue .. You realise that its just a very light puffed up cream, that leaves a very light lingering sweetness on your tongue ..Very lightly sweetened, Its topped up with Bhura (Unrefined sugar), some khoya to add a little crunchness, bite & bit of sweetness in the Dessert...Flavored with Saffron , Cardamom, which leaves a rich flavor in the mouth ... This is Old Delhis Classic & found in Winters manly, as the Cream melts away in the High temperatures in Summers... Old Delhi Loves its Deaulat Ki Chaat.....Unique, Great Concept, Novelty...Great stuff ....

Look at that..... Delight.......
Next we move from Chandni Chowk to a Place called Lala Lajpat Rai Bhavan...which is famous for its , another Unique food Item called the Japani Samosa .. On entering the Market, you will have to navigate your way through Tiny Bylanes, filled with flies, fleas,insects etc, before you find your way out on the main road, where the Manohar Dhaba is located
The Bylanes of Lala Lajpat Rai Market

Here it is , Manohar Dhaba proudly announces its Identity- Japani Samose wale ---- I came to Know from the Owner, that he has somehow got this Food patented & this name cant be used  any Other food...Looks like a organised way to sell the street food

The Japani Samose is a Deep Fried flaky, Crispy Kind of a Pattice, whch has a huge number of clearly defined & visbile edges , Layers, that give this patty, that extra crsipiness & that more flak ....... Deep Inside is a small Pea & Cumin stuffing ..... Served with Spicy Cholle, The Japani Samosa, has been a trademark food for this Shop for more than 40 years now....

Look at that...Crsip Layers of the pattice, just add the extra Crunch into the bite & the Oil in each layer, just helps soften the peas nicely .... Vintage Old Delhi!

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