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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Simple & Humble- Bread Butter

There are very few Comfort foods that have remained so endearing for so many years . To many of us it would seem, that these Foods have been since time immemorial .. The Humble bread butter, is one such Comfort Food. All of us have been eating this , simple, humble, so conventional yet so cool food for so many years together ….. Most of us would have grown up eating the bread butter, from the Simple to make food for your School Tiffins, Breakfast, Evening Snacks, answer to ones midnight morning pangs…Bread Butter is like your Best Friend…..always there for your while you keep exploring relationships in life
There are many ways people prefer to have their Bread Butter…. Slightly soft & thaw butter cut from the Knife & applied to a Soft White Slice of bread, a slightly soft , slightly melted coat on the Fresh bread… Have it along with a Cup of Steaming Hot Tea, and One quickly realizes that the simple pleasures of life are always very simple, very basic.. A Crisp Golden Brown Toast, along with Butter which just melts away on the Hot , Crisp & Toasted Slice of Bread, just becomes too delicious to describe in words ….

While Toasted bread & Butter is what lot of people would have had, especially as the English BreakFast, gloriously describes , Eggs, Crisp Toasted breads with Butter, as the Ultimate Breakfast… I am sure not many of us would have tried the Roasted Bread Butter. That’s Right, Toasted Bread Butter … I generally love my Bread Butter in the Roasted form ….. Just take 4 Slices of Bread, Place them on a Steel Holder & Put it direct over the Gas Flame…Not on the Pan or Tawaa, but directly hold over the Flame, till it gets a Burnt, Black, Charred Look uniformly through the Slice….. Now place some Butter on the Burnt, Charred, Roasted Bread …… and Uffffff….. Try it to even attempt describing the taste …… A Hot Cup of tea, is absolutely divine….

That Burnt, Roasted, Charred Look.....Interesting!!!!!

I am sure this taste is absolutely amazing for the palate and difficult for any description ... Its not at all Crisp, It retains the softness, the Charred & Burnt taste , the amazing color gamut....Quite a Looker this Roasted Bread & Butter

See how the Butter melts away nicely....but not completely

Look at how the Butter is melted & stuck on the Bread … I just love the Color Gamut … White of the bread, Slight creamish yellow of the Butter, Brown, Black of the Burnt bread … Quite a Good fun to watch & eat .
Have this with a Cup of strong tea, Tez patti, less sugar, extra boil & have it with the Bread Butter

The Cutting Cup of Chai.....

As i Always say in my Blog - "Its Simple to be Happy, But so difficult to be Simple" ... This is one of the Most Simple Food yet still so endearing for Generations..... Cheers to Our Savior in Times, Good & Bad !!!

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