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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pizza Hut- Special Offer - 3 Course Meal for Rs 99/=

The Organised QSR - Quick Service Restaurant Category is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in India, While the Unorganised QSR concept has been already on for ages, with each city having its own signature shops tucked away in some Corner of the City, Offering the Local Indigenous food of that city, which is quick & lite both on the palate & wallet as well . Generally considered good enough for a snac or a Light meal, this Concept of eating out is fast ctaching up & on a significant rise over the last decade or so, thanks to rising disposable incomes, a major portion of which is spent on food  groceries, eating out, comprises a big chunk of the earnings here .. Pizza hut, has been a true pioneer in this Concept of eating out good quality meals, in quick time  ... Been Innovative & leading from the front in terms of the Marketing, there has been a very aggressive adaptation to the Indian Palate, Culture, Taste & Preferences by Pizza Hut ..

The Latest one, is the absolutely enticing Offer of a 3 Course meal for Rs 99/- ...This is really an eye ball grabber & a definite crowd puller to the already waitlisted (Weekends) restaurants of Pizza Hut .... In Rs 99, You get to make Choice of 1 Medium Pan Pizza (Veg or Non Veg) + 1 Appetiser (Garlic Bread Plain) or Potato wedges, Lemonade and a very attractively Priced set of add ons , which are available only with this Menu . For Eg, Rs 5 for a Cheese Garlic Bread, Rs 35 for a Soup, which makes one feel like topping up their meal options & go for a slightly loaded offer .. we also order the Garlic Bread exotica, My wifes favorite - The Difference between this & the Normal Garlic bread, is of the veggies
Cream of Mushroom ...... was an Ok OK

Look at that.. the Garlic bread exotica..Onions, Tomatoes, Melted Mozarella, Olives .... Red,, Black color of Olives, yellow color of the melted cheese, slightly of whitish Onions, on top of a butter loaded yellow wheat base, with a Brown roasted Crust ...makes for an amazng Color display ..... The melted Cheese Bites, the softness of the butter, the Juiciness of the Tomatoes, the freshness of the Olives, makes for a smooth heavily textured garlicy flavor, and just neutralised by the Crispy & crunch toasted bread crums ....Oooh La La !!!

Beauty....what colors, what texture .....

Chicken Fiesta

Was a little spicy, with th Green Chillies, adding a real bite to the otherwise normal and bland taste of the Pizza .. all in all, a Good Experience ...

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