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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Methi Ke Parathe with Dahi, Makkhan & Mirchi ka Achaar

As proudly stated on my Blog earlier as well, My morning walks leave me all the more hungry & excited for that perfect weekend breakfast, which is set to pep up your day & add another rewarding foodie feather in your Cap... My Weekend Morning Walk buddy, and a childhood buddy, always kept telling me about his Moms cooking skills & how she makes some of the best Parathas in the world .... Actually theres nothing surpsising about somebody really loving their Moms cooked food and even  being inspired by it  Many a Eulogies, many a poems, have been dedicated to Moms food and praises galore have been bestowed upon it by purists all over Our country .... Some things which people always find better than any thing else or better than most others - Your Moms Food, Somebody elses Salary and Wife, and your Kid ---- So coming back to his moms food, I created circumstances for me to be Invited to find for myself & validate my Friends claim . I reached on a Nice & Sunny, Saturday Moring, after an extra round of Morning Walk to have some Parathas
Was quite delighted to see the Parathas ... Fresh Methi leaves were mixed in the Dough, along with some Ghee ... The Parathas were Thin, with the Methi & Palak mix, evenly spread out in the Paratha, forming a uniform layer.. The Methi gives a rich & dark green color to the Parathas ... The Brown & Black Crispiness of the Parathas, along with the Dark green of the Methi & Palak, gave the Paratha, quite a good green Color ... Fresh methi, gives a very fresh & strong flavor to the Paratha, also adds a nice & mild pungency to the taste ...

Methi Paratha, with a Dollop of Amul Lite

The small Dollop of Butter, adds that amazing taste , texture & aroma to the Paratha

The Parathas are to be had with a Spicy, Fiery Red Chilli Anchaar... Its quite a Dynamite to have, especially Winter time . You can be assured, you will be all spiced up
Red Chilli Anchaar

Have it with Fresh & Chilled Dahi, to cool off the effects of the Spicy Red Chilli Anchaar .. The Dahi will just help you cool off ....

You may Polish it off with the Oatmeal & Milk, just the perfect finisher for a spicy & hot breakfast
Oatmeal ....

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