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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Delhi 6 - Parathe Wali Galli

Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6 - is completely full of the Delhi Signature . The Delhi of Yesteryears, The Delhi, which has a Great history, The Delhi which has Great Culture, Amazing architecture, breath taking scenic beauty in this time of the year, The City which has besotted many a Historians, The City whose Charm have befallen many a Emperors, The City, over which many dynasties have fought... Many Of them have Captured it, many have ruled it, But yet never Completely understood it. The mystique that is Delhi .... Filled with this Mystique, this Signature of the unsolved, of the unresolved Cultural conflicts & historian debates, Stands the Delhi 6, or Purani Delhi, as Delhiwallas call it ... Purani Delhi, has that rustic, mytical Old world Charm of Delhi......May be there was an entire generation of People who came & settled in this part of the city, while teh city was still evolving from the aftermath of destrcution that the Partition of 1947, offered. The Pain & Grief of losing all at once, the painstaking journey of building the Life brick by brick, Fighting against all odds, whethering all troubles, & the small joys of gradually rebuilding your nest - Delhi 6, would have witnessed it all.. Thats why People even after leaving this part of their City in search of better Life, better houses, or due to Nuclear families coming into prominence, still feel. they have left a part of themselves in Delhi-6

Foodie Delights, tried to explore the Legend that surrounds the Food here at Purani Delhi - and in this attempt, reached the World famous, Parathe wali Galli in Chandni Chowk... ParatheWali Galli is like the seeding point, the originator of the street food of Delhi. Some also call it the mecca of Street Food (Dillis Ishtyle)

This is the start of the Parathe Wali Galli...There are some 7-8 Parathe Shops here in this Galli, But after lot of scouting around & reference from fellow foodie, we located the Original Pioneer of this world famous -Chandni Chowk ke Parathe

This is the Shop, which has quite a wide entrance, with seating for about 25-30 people at one time . One can also check the Photographs of some prominent Celebrities & Political leaders, hung on the walls, to lend credibility to their fame of Originality, authenticity & genuineness

The Champion Mixer, already has the range of Masalas in front of him - All the varieties or stuffings are neatly arranged in 8-10 small vessels

Look at that for a Range.. The No of Parathas in Sweets are as much as the Namkeen Varieties ...I am sure Analysts & Management experts would be stunned by the sheer variety & how these guys manage their SKUs, as we call in Business Parlance ...Any Body with common sense would tell you that, In unorganised Food Chains, especially Highly persihable commodities, its quite tough to keep so many SKUs & actuall able to make & offer these varieties in really quick time

Kaju, Dry Fruits, Rabri, Khoya, Sugar. Khurchan, Karela, Bhindi,Aloo, Muli, Gaajar, Mix, Paneer, Daal, Gobhi, Parat or layer paratha, Besan Paratha,Mutter or peas, Papad , Paper,Methi, Pudina, Nimbu, Mirchi, Tomato, Kela, Meva, Gudd .......... This is really unbelievable stuff.... Great Inventory Management, Excellent Processes, Terriffic Supply chain, Meticulous planning, Very fast turn around Time --- All are great takeaways from Management Planning perspective

Thats the Tag which is so proudly displayed..Established Since 1875 ....a Hundred & thirty six years ago....
Look at the plate for the Parathas ..they serve the Parathas with some condiments .. there is a seetafal sabzi, which is really hot & spicy, with loads of Garam Masala, a aloo ki subzi , and typical dhaaba style, the aloo is never peeled off, a Red Chilly, Tamarind & Banana Chutney, Mango & Carrot achchar

The Rabri Parathas are to die for .. Pizza hut you guys are late, we seem to have something similar to your Cheese burst, which was dished out some 135 years ago.....Its like a stuffed calizone ... You take a Bite & the rabri comes of ...... Hmmm amazing ...Right sweetness....just perfect..

The stuffings in front of the master Paratha Mixer....

All in all, a great experience .. Come savour the experienc, be a part of the mystique thats Old Delhi....Be a Part of History.......

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