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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dominoes Pizza

Even Though Dominoes prides itself of its extremely unique positioning plank of extra ordinary service & Logistics management, by building an entire organization on the Positioning of excellence in Customer Service (30 mts delivery, In a County Like India, where neither the traffic nor the Roads can be relied upon, is a great lesson)

But last week, I was pleasantly surprised with the brilliant ambience & décor that was built up in the Restaurant considering that Its supposed to be a Home Delivery Pizza Chain….. Just have a look at some of the pics showing the ambience of the Restaurant

Excellent ambience in Dominoes

We order the Paneer Pizza on a Thin wheat Crust & Garlic Bread ..
Colorful Pizza, rainbow on my plate
Garlic Breads...all time hit......hmmmm

I read one interesting Catchline on  a Poster in the Outlet, which suggests that Pizzas are best had with Hands…This is very unlike the Fine dining tags which seem to be attached with a Pizza… Almost all decent restaurants are promoting the Pizza as the symbol of  Fine dining experience….good to see Pizzas being promoted in this manner by Dominoes…….

Dominoes also seem never running out of excellent & innovative ideas to promote & take pizzas from the level of Fast food & junk food category, and now almost as an alternate cusine…”The Khushiyon ki Home Delivery”, is a fantastic campaign & we see the Pizza as now an almost accepted form of food, especially for small celebrations .. Pizza has now almost become a Happiness food…. Especially the home delivery food….

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