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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tundey Kababi is now Captains Kababs- DaryaGanj

My Earlier Post which talked about a great meal at the Famous Tundey Kababi Restaurant,(http://gourmetaffairs.blogspot.com/2011/07/tundey-kababi-daryaganj-delhi.html), was quite a mouth watering read as suggested by friends who read .. One thing however which i felt missing in the last post was the lack of some good photographs of the Place to share with the Foodies ... There is another reason why I wanted to write about this eatery is because of a big change i saw, on my visit yesterday .. The Famous Restaurant at Daryaganj whihc was thronged by thousands of people everyday for a bite of the legendary Tundey Kababi flavor of Lucknow, well the name has been Changed .... It is now Captains Kabab.... Lets keep the Commercials out of the way, but thats what seems to have happened .. So the Tundey Kababi at Daryaganj is now Captain Kababs .. Everything else remained the same, except the name.... for the Taste, well we will find out soon
The Famous Corner shop..stones throw from Jama Masjid
Even the Interiors, seating arrangements were the same,,, seems just the board had changed...

The Entrance ...thats where the smell just mystifies you
 And Now is the Time to taste the Food, whether some apparent fall out has affected the taste ... They call it Galauti Kabab though instead of the Tundey Galuati Kabab.... But they taste just the same & the excellent Paratha just goes perfectly ... Spicy, oily & crisp kababs, with the slight crispy on outside, soft on inside Parathas

Kabab & Parathas.....Stuff legends are made out of.......

We ordered the Usual Mutton Biryani, which was as great as ever..Mutton extremely soft, succullent & just melts in your mouth .. Rice richly dipped in all wonderful aromas, spices & lots of ghee....

The Mutton Biryani...
 We also try the Tandoori Chicken - Not the Original Choice though, but for lack of Mutton Curry Dishes, had to order it...But absolutely worth it .. The Tandoori chicken ideally is  dieters choice for a Low fat Chicken Snack, But noit this One .... This Tandoori is loaded with Butter .. The Butter which melts on the Hot Tandoori Chicken, melts and floats on the plate... The wonderful Tandoori Spices, miced with the Melted butter, is just good to corrupt & rid you of your diet plans, if any.... Succulent, Soft. Rightly spiced. Bones also had the details of the Marinate......Have a Look

Tandoori Chicken...with Butter....Yummmmmyyyy !!!!

 The Taste is just as great & even after the name change, i dont think the patronage has decrease whatsoever...Only the Prices have increased a bit.... Do Try for the deadly Kababs, Tandoori Chicken, Biryani...The Chicken Changezi, is quite a huge hit & almost a must for every table

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