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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ande paranthe & other eats@ Moolchand

My Earlier Blog Posted  http://gourmetaffairs.blogspot.com/2011/07/vikram-parantha-wala.html, Talked about the Very Famous, Andaa Paratha Wala, at Andrews Ganj Flyover, located just opposite the Vikram Hotel, & now at the MoolChand Metro Station.. This Place has now become a Little Food lane or Khaau Galli, as they call in Mumbai..... Khau Galli, is a Concept, widely Popular in Mumbai & Parts of Maharashtra, wherein Lots of street food is avaialble, Fresh, Hot, spicy, tangy & reasonably priced, all in a single lane...Thats what this area around the MoolChand Metro Station Promises to become ..

One you have the Hugely Popular, Vikram Andaa Paratha wala, which has been discussed in detail in my earlier blog..... Then there is Relish Fast Food Van, which serves nice quick fix Indianised Chinese Food... The Food may not be absoultely Great Shakes in theTaste, But its , the rightly spiced, & rightly oiled, Indianised Chinese .... This place is fully packed with Customers, wanting to have a quick bite of the Chines Food .... Some Pics attached

The Fried rice, Noodles, & Chicken Manchurian are ok & passable.. The Portions are quite good , reasonably priced & quite a decent fill...

Chicken Fried Rice -- This is Half a Plate...size matters

Then there is the Famous Sanjay Chur Chur Naan....This Small eatery serves, The stuffed Tandoori Nan, stuffed with Aloo, Paneer & Richly loaded & dipped with Ghee.One Thali of Choor Choor Nan, is served with 2 Heavy Stuffed Nanas 1 Dal, 1 Channa or Cholle, along with Onions dipped in Mint Chutney......Priced at Rs 100, This place attracts quite a lot of Lunch Time Visitors ....

There is one more Place which serves, Delhis Favorite Breakfast Channa Bhaturaa... I happend to try the Channa Bhatura this Morning & was pleasently surprised  to see the huge gathering of people waiting to grab a quick bite of this Popular Breakfast....

Look at the Breakfast Rush at 10.00 am
The Bhaturas, were quite nice & did not have any strong oil odor, which one normally finds... The Cholles were also pretty nice, seemd to have a different color, pretty red thoough, but not at all spicy ... If you are the one who deosnt like too eat too spicy stuff in the morning, Then this is a good breakfast treat for your palette

Nice Bhaturas, Cholle are just perferct...not too spicy

Do Visit this Area around the Vikram Hotel, You will get everything from Variety of Parathas, Indianised Chinese Food at Relish Foods, Chur Chur Naan & Spicy Subzee for Lunch, Fresh, Hot & Crisp Cholel Bhaturas


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