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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kashmiri Keema - A Labour of Love

While the Kashiri Wazwan is hugely Populr among Food Lovers, especially for its exquisite preparation of the Non Vegetarian Mutton Dishes... The world is crazy over the Kashmiri Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Kabargah, Mutton Kali, which are all the Main Coursei Mutton Dishes..There is another range of Delicacies which make use of the Mince meat, namely the World Famous Goshtaba, Rista & Keema or Mach, as we fondly call it in Kashmiri Cusines

While Goshtaba & Ristaa, are round in shape & use different spices & herbs, Mach is the more commonly made Mince meat dish in Kashmiri families.... All 3are infact a Huge labour of love ... The best way to make the keema is to buy the best meat mince for the dish. The mutton for the Mince, shoudl ideally be from the Lamb Thighs (Raan) or shoulders... The trick is to get the meat from a freshly slaughtered goat....Typically the Head male or patriarch would visit the butchere & pick the goat, this is especially useful when buying large quantities for family functions or festivals..... Then he would ensure the meat is minced in his presence nicely to get the right texture, & quality ...Lot of Butcher Shops still do the mincing in front of the customers

Meat being minced.....Labour of Love
This fine mince is then mixed with Oil, salt, Turmeric, Fennel or Shonth, Sauff powder, Red Chillis, Garam Masala, Eggs for Binding.... Kashmiri Cooking doesnt use any Tomato, Onions,Garlic ..Its just the use of amazing Herbs & Spices

The Mixing of Spices....
Keema ...Koftas
After thorough mixing & skillful binding of the mutton balls, into these beautiful, slightly reddish, slightly pinkish Mutton Keema Koftas..... This beauty is now ready to go into hot, Boiling, spicy curry base which is ready..these are dipped into the Boiling Curry to give it the Final Shape

These are best had with Hot & Steaming Rice... Trust me, this taste is one, yo have to eat it to believe it .. There is extensive use of just simple spices like Garam Masala, Heeng, Cloves, Fennel, Saunf Powder, Small & Big Cardamoms, can produce one of the world class Recipes of a Truly world Class Cusine...No Fancy Spices or herbs, No exquisite processes, Just great labour of love.... One can also have this with Chapatis or Parathas, But it is highly recommende to have it with a Plate of Hot steamed rice

Do Try at Home whenever you have time..... A Truly awesome Culinary Delight

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