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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Afghani Food in Delhi

If you have been thinking that Afghani Chicken & Afghani Chicken Tikkas, are just another flavor of Mughlai food, or at best, these are probably the best edible things that Afghani Cusine can Offer, then you also are highly mistaken like my me…Last weekend, I had an Opportunity to explore Afghani Food..Actually the planning was on for a long time, but our hectic & uncreative work leaves us with little, time, zest & enthusiasm for doing much things..However, I managed to keep my word with younger bro & his friend, both of whom happen to be foodies, of a different kind though…..
We reached the Afghan Darbar Restaurant, in the bylanes of Lajpat Nagar 4, very close to the Hot, Defence Colony Market… There is quite a Dense Population of Afghan Nationals in this part of Delhi City… From What I could gather these People, come here as Medical Tourists, in search & long drawn medical treatments, may force them to take places on rent & do odd jobs to sustain the sometime longer than expected stay, and also the charms of a Free Democratic country, are not something that can be missed
The Restaurant has a Nice, family restaurant kind of a feel & ambience..Its quite brightly lit & the walls have been done with a sober brick kind of color, and quite a homely feel, I have to admit

We start with the Highly recommended Afghani Momos or Mantus…Now these Momos, I can bet are the most wholesome Momos & are almost meal like in terms of their presentation … The Momos are topped with a well made Channa Dal, Lots of Curd, Capsicum, Tomatoes & Mustard Oil thrown generously… The Momos are stuffed with Mutton, which is not too spicy, but the Curd & Dal, make it an amazing snack…The Plate Looks quite Colorful

Colorful Plate of Mantu.....quite a rainbow on my plate

Then Next on the Menu is the Mutton Chopan --- From what I could Gather, In Afghani Menu, there is very limited variety of what we call as Seekh Kabab in the Mughlai Menu…The kababs in Afghani Menu are basically, the burras, The Tikkas….. The Mutton Chopan, was something like what a Mutton Burra, but a big disappointment…the mutton was pretty hard & chewy….not quite the one for my liking…..The skewers were pretty gigantic & looked like a warring nations tribute to food lovers
Mutton Chopan..almost Burra Like with Huge skewers

Kabuli Pulao & Kabuli Uzbekki – Well these two varieties of Pulao can blow your mind away for sure, but you need to be ready to handle the huge dose of raisins…Like Kashmiri Cusine, There is no concept of bIryani in the Afghani Cusine….The Mutton, is as good as any other which one can have…absolutely succulent, soaked with all the rich flavors of ghee, raisin, saffron, just melts in your mouth…. I couldn’t gather much of a difference between the Kabuli Pulao & Kabuli Uzbeki…The rIce grains were long & distinct…The Pulao had an amazingly rich flavor of raisins, nuts ,ghee..absolutely a treat...The  side accompainiment of Brinjal Dish was quite tangy & spicy....loaded with mustard oil & ghee

Side Dish of a Tangy Tomato Brinjal Gravy with cream

The breads were nothing to write home about, except the Bolnani, the leeth Bolani as they call it..The stuffing is made from mashing the Spring Onions . The bread is deep fried and almost a bhatura like

Chicken Qurma & Kabuli Uzbekki
The meal is polished off with a hot cup of Kehwa tea…Its very similar to the Kehwa in Kashmir, except the dryfruits

Bolani - Deep Fried Bread with Spring Onion Mash
A Good meal, and the best part, that it was quite light on the tummy. Do visit when in Lajpat Nagar