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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Green Wok - Greater Kailash, Delhi

Before writing this Post, I was wondering what is this  "WOK", because i have seen & eaten at a Couple of Eateries, namely the Red Wok & the Green Wok..... "WOK" means a meta Plan to be used for Frying & cooking, especially in Chinese Cusine.... Green Wok, which is located at the Backlane of the Plush & Upscale, M Block Market, GK-1.... Green Wok, is a Stand in, & Take Home Kind of a Small eatery, but has been doing pretty well for the last 7-8 years in GK-1 , Market

This place serves some excellent Thai, Chinese & Italian Cusine... The Pastas are really cool, so is the Garlic Breads, They also serve some excellent Thai Yellow & Green Curries .... The Chicken Pasta, in white Cream Sauce, is absoultely divine & evokes a yummmmmmmmyy response .....A word of Caution - Not for the Calorie Conscious - as theres a whole lot of Chese & Cream that goes into it

Located at the Backlane of the GK-1, Market, and just few shops ahead of the Famous Brown Sugar, eatery... Do Drop in for a Quick Bite .. They are a Bit Over Priced for a Stand In kind of Restaurant, but thats what One would expect from a Chic, Up market Outlet located in Greater Kailash .. Quite Popular among the Young & Happening Crowd of Delhi... It carries the Stamp of the Upmarket South Delhi Affluence

Taste - 7
Hygiene - 8
Value for Moaney - 7
Ambience - 8

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