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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Food Combos

Many of us, aree so used to some food in our daily life so much that Imagining Life without them will make it a little broing..Forget that, Try & Imagine, these foods in isolation & not in the Combo that they are supposed to be.....

Chai Biscuit
Also Popularised in Parts of North India as Biskuttt....Chai & Biscuit are an almost unbeatbale & unseparable food combo..Can be had as a Snack, Morning breakfasts, use it as a filler if you have missed meals... Ask the Students, who stay away from their families in Hostels...This is one food - you just cant have enough of ...... Cheers to the Chai-Biscuit Combo

Bread Omelette
Try separating the 2 & you will see a split or a rift wide open... Feeding thousands of Hungry souls, so selfishly for so many years ...While the Critics  the Intelligensia continue to debate, on the Chicken Egg Story ..The Humble bread Omelette has been a constant food companion for millions of us ... Eat it at the Roadside Stall, Outside the Bus Stand, Station, Restaurants, Hotels - They will have their huge variiations to the same.....All you need is some oil, salt, onions, green chillies, 2 slices of bread --- So simple yet so endearing......

Another Favorite for North India ...... Mathri Anchaar.....The Neutral or very mildly spiced Mathris, along with the fiery, spicy, tangy, Aam ka Anchar, is a sure shot blow your mind away snack....Have it with a strong cup of Ginger tea, add a little bit of extra sugar than you normally would....& phewww.. The light mathri, the spicy, tangy achaar & the sweet Chai, are sure to get your tempo high......Make sure the Mathris are Crisp & Fresh, to get that perfect taste

Can anyone debate on this ?? The Perfect Monsoon snack....How would monsoons look & feel, if not for the Company of the Fantastic, Chai & Pakora Combo ... The Splashing of the Rains, the smell of the soil, would never remain the same, without this Snack.... A Great Family Time Snack for the Evenings, just right for Chit Chats & some catching up with family on a Holiday .....Try the varieties it has to offer,Potato, Onions, Green Chillis, Palak, Paneer, Even Bread Pakora - Taste best if had fresh & crisp & with Hot Cup of Chai...

This is the Biggest , most famous breakfast food of India..Hugely Popular in North India, this food is now making huge waves & popularity in all parts of the Country...One Hindi Movie - "Jalwa", had a famous line - Parathan ke teen yaar - dahi, makhan aur anchaar....Just Imagine a Nice, perfectly round piece of Aloo Paratha on your PLate - Perfectly round, right size, with slight coriander, chilly powder, onions and aloo as a stuffing.....Drop a Dollop of Amul Butter on that extremely Hot Paratha.....& be ready to have a whiff of that delightful & sinful smell of the melting away butter & the Hot Paratha.... Break that bite, dip it in the Bowl of Fresh & Cold Dahi, touch the Anchar & just drop in your mouth ...... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Almost an Iconic & Global Food Item, thanks to the Growing Diaspora of Indians across the World. This Simple snack from South India, has truly acquired a Pan Indian Flavor & is eaten with as much love,affection, as anyother food item. People can be seen having refills of the Sambhar, even after finishing the Dosa ..Such is the Bond, that the dish looks completely lifeless withouth the Sambhar

Ice Cream & Gulab Jamub
Come Winters & People can be seen enjoying Hot Pieces of Mouth watering & melting Gulab Jamuns..... The Innovative Ones, often try a Daredevil Combo -- It requires a Lot of Apettite, & ability to bear a possibel Sinusitis attack, But who cares ???? Take a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream & Drop a Hot Melting piece of Gulab Jamun......Try this only in Winters, to add fun to the eating

Shammi Kebab & Parathas
Go To any Nice Muslim Restaurant, & you will find the Biggest draw will be the Kabab & Parathas..Be it Tundey Kababi - who serve lip smacking Tunde Kababs with their Special Maida Parathas.....Or travel to the streets of Lucknow, where the traditional Lucknowi Cusines is still prevalent in some places - Paratha & Kebabs, are an almost legendary food Item here

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