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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Angels in My Kitchen - Bakery Or Cafe

Its a Bakery !!! Its a Cafe !!! Well its actually both...Taking the Concept of a Cafe Bakery to the Next Level, glamourising it, & presenting it in the most chic & elegant manner, & you have the Concept called "Angels in My Kitchen"

One of the Most wide range of Breads, Pastries, Light eat, Toasties, interiors which are beautifully done, absolutely stylish & cool interiors & comfortable seating, make it a nice place to hang out with, while you are picking up your bread from the given variety

The variety in pastries is also huge & one feels spoilt for choices....Its an amazing range. The Walnut pie is too delectable

Walnut Cake
Remais of the Excellet Chicke Sandwich
The Cappucino served at Angels is just the right one for a good morning breakfast...Frothy, Little creamy...The Chicken Sandwich, was just excellent...The stuffing tasted fresh, & lightly spiced...One of the Better Chicken Sandwiches, i have eaten...

Delectable Pastries
The Breads

You should also try the Herb Toasts, Garlic Toasties, Cheese & Tomato Toasties.

A Nice Place to Hang Out, you can have a nice cup of coffee, have some really tasty sandwiches, munch on some fresh  Crisp Toasties, & polish the light meal with the delectable tarts or pies

Ambience - 8
Taste - 8.5
Hygiene - 8
Value for Money - 6

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