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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Breakfast Menu @ McDonalds

Had  Breakfast Today at McDonalds after a really long time..... At One point, Breakfast at Mcdonalds was almost a weekend ritual...I had somehow managed to stuck to my newly found love for morning walks....and weekends, I would try & combine the morning walk with a 30 minute game of squash...With all this physical labor & the tumultous test, i would put my already tortured body through, a decent breakfast supposedly was very well earned & treatetd with respect and not just a glutton foodies wish....However given my love for a great breakfast, i honestly seek to find some great breakfast alternatives, as discussed in my earlier posts



Mcdonalds Breakfast menu is quite a decent fair and that too at a reasonable price...The menu comprises of a variety of Muffins, which they call as McMuffins....Sausage McMuffin, Egg & Sausage McMuffin, Veg Muffin, Hash Browns, and the Pan Cakes

The Sausage McMuffin is a very addictive thing to eat.... Also once you finish the Muffin, you realise that you have not had quite the fill. The Bun used is absolutely different from the regular buns used for the main menu..The Bun size is little smaller, nice flavor of crisp sesame or Til as we call it in Hindi..The Buns are fresh, quite soft & have a strong distinct flavor unlike the regular buns,, The Sausage is an absolute winner here....Absolutely mildly spiced, just as it should be for a brealkfast, the meat is pretty tender, little juicy 7 succulent, and the sesame flavor of the bun & the light flavor of the Sausage, make for a great taste.. Its not too heavy on the tummy as well, and as i said once you have a bun, you feel like having another for its lightness

Sausage McMuffin ........ Tasty, Juicy .hmmmm

The Hash Brown is quite different from what one may get in an English Breakfast...But its the Biggest hit of the Breakfast Menu.....The Patty is deep fried in the Special Machinery and done aboslutely golden brown.....The Brown is fantastically crisp, and once you break a bite from the patty, it immediatley releases a very strong edible flavor, of the oil which is vaporised.... vow!!!!! The brown has a very slight pungent taste, a slightly bitter and salty taste, the crispiness is too good to be true, and the potato is still soft to go from the inside. added with the flavor of the Oil, its just too good & for Rs 20/ its a steal....

Sinful hashbrowns

Then Comes the Sweetener of the Breakfast, the Pan Cake, served along with Maple sauce & butter, The Pan Cake is a surprising finish to the breakfast... The Pan Cakes are nicely flavored with Vanill....are quite soft, chewy, little sticky & the vanilla flavor just makes it a smooth bite to go down.....added on top are the Maple syrup & a dollop of Butter...and you get a sweet & salty taste with a very creamy texture......This combo is just too good to swindle any taste buds.....absolutely amazing .........

Pan Cakes with Maple Syrup & Butter....Delicious !!!!!!

Do Try the Breakfast Menu at McDonalds, but not if you are in the mood for a helathy breakfast......


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