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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Foodie Delights - BreakFast Buffet@ Red Fox Hotels

My Earlier Blog Posted on Breakfasts -http://grourmetaffairs.blogspot.com/2011/07/breakfast-king-meal-of-day.html

Talked about my great love & interest in breakfasts, which i truly believe is the King Meal of the Day.. One of the Best meals of the day & probably a guilt free as well, cause a Foodie on Diet. Always feels that he may be able to knock off the extra calories during the long day ahead, which never happens though... In my quest for finding the good Breakfast Options, I happened to land at the Red Fox Hotels, Mayur vihar. The Red Fox Hotels is relatively a new Property , and is a mid scale budget segment Hotel of the Popular Lemon Tree Group of Hotels

The Ambience

I walked into the Cafe, offering the Breakfast Menu, and i was quite impressed with the overall decor, ambience of the Cafe.. Quite nicely done, with Bright Reds adorning the Cafe & tables were quite nicely spaced out ... Looks like one of the Places where one can have a relaxing & chilled out meal. The Buffet spread seemed pretty elaborate, The Fruit section, looked neat with the colourful spread of Pappaya, Pineapple, Guava, Apple, Melons, quite a color.. Lassi, Canned Juice & Fresh Water melon juice made the Cold Beverage section

Buffet Spread
Looks a Good Spread

The Continental Section had Chicken Salami, sorted with some Onions & Capsicum, Chicken Sausages, Hash Brown Potatoes, Boiled Tomatoes, Baked Beans, Baked Tomato, Sorted Vegetables , Vermicilli (Or the Savaiyas, salted & with some veggies) . The Indian Section has the Good Old Aloo Parathas, Idlis,

Colorful Cut Fruits Section
 You can also request for the Omelettes of your Choice...Cheese, Plain, Masala, Vegetables. I ordered my Favourite, Cheese Omelette with 2 Egg whites... There is something about Plain Cheese Omelettes that i just cant resist.... A Nice, soft & Fluffy Omelette with a Crisp Toast & some light butter, is something so basic, so simple, yet its so endearing..... Lovely !!!!!

The Chicken Salaami & Chicken Sausages, actually were a little disappointing... Being a Huge English Continental Breakfast fan, Chicken Sausages, Salaamis, have a special place in my heart & can have an even bigger place in my big tummy, provided they are nicely done...not so much was the case with these ones
The Hash Browns were just ok.... The Baked Beans, were good, with a little tangy & sweet taste...Baked Tomatoes again were passable....Sauted Vegetables, were quite nice & light to taste..One can also order the Crsip Plain Dosas, which are made live at the counter..

Hash Brown & Baked Beans
 All in All, a good experience..... But it makes it all the more great to know, that such a lavish & magnificent spread of Breakfast, is only at Rs 150/ + Taxes... Mind Blowing isn’t it

Taste – 6
Hygiene – 8
Ambience- 8.5
Value for Money - 9


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