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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Big Chill Cafe

Quite a few delhites would have had their share of romance with the Harbinger of Calssic Italian Dining in Delhi, The Big Chill Cafe... Started off with their Main Branch in East of Kailash, in the Lap of the Hot & happening , Greater Kailash Market...Big Chill Cafe, is easily regarded as One of the Best Places Offering Italian Food, that too in the most Classic Manner. Th Restaurant has an  almost Retro, rock feel, with posters & pictures of Old Hollywood Classics adorning the walls, giving it a Larger than life, retro chic kind of a look

The wall adorned by Posters of Hollywood Classics

Just the Perfect Chic & Retro ambience
The Food arguably is supposed to be one of the best in Italian Cusines & so are the desserts... We Order the Chicken Pizza, Galic Breads, & a Veg Pasta to begin with..... The staff is quite friendly & keeping in line with the ambience of the restaurant is quite cool & on the job...We get the Order in 15 minutes, which is a pretty fast turn around time ,considering that the Cafe is jam packed on most evenings (Weekends especially) I have not been to Italy ever, but I am sure the Pizzas, would be only marginally better than the one we had... Absolutely thin Crust, wheat based, The Pizza bread was perfectly crisp, light, & the chicken in the topping was perfectly juicy, rightly spiced, & the melted cheese, juicy chicken & crsipy bread, was just an awesome blend..difficult to explain in words, & difficult to stop eating as well...Have a Look for yourself

The Fantastic Pizzas, Crisp & Light
The Garlic Bread, was also quite a mouthful & handful...Loaded with Cheese, the soft bread, with a mild garlic flavor, was quite a delectable treat...Very Cheesy, very creamy, not the stuff you want to eat on a diet or if you want to live long....But if you live to eat, then take that bite.....

Creamy, Cheesy & Sinful Garlic Bread
Next on the agenda was the Pasta - The Original Italian "Maggi"....The Pasta was a Vegatable & Tomato Sauce, wheat Pasta..The Sauce was quite nice, Fresh & slightly tangy & had a rich & nice orangish color...served along with a Bread, the Pasta was quite refreshing to taste.. aroma of herbs, olives, spices, adds greatly to the taste - The basil flavour stood out

Tomato & Olive Pasta
We polish off the meal, with a nice Capuccion Coffee & a Tiramisu Pastry.... Great Taste of Caramel, Butter, right amount of sweetness..Just have a look...isnt it awesome

Do Visit The Big Chill for a Relaxed Evening with Friends...An amazing experience awaits you

Taste - 8
Hygiene - 9
Ambience - 9
Value for Money - 7

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