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Saturday, September 24, 2011


The World Loves India & Indian Food...Indian Recipes, Spices are celebtrated & almost legendary in parts of the world.....The Tandoor is as Popular in London & Canada as their other Food...But Indian food is not complete or would not be what its is today, without the backbone of its cusines, the Bread....The Hmble  bread, which normally comes as a side order with the food, but is as important in adding to the taste & experience of food Consumption

We have so many varieties of Breads, that this food deserves a special mention & this post is dedicated to that...There are a Lot of Regional Breads also, some of whihc have become popular across the Country & even Internationally... The Northern Part of India, which is perhaps one of the Largest producers & consumers of Wheat, leads the pack in the bread varieties....

The Chapatti or Phulka, which is a bread eaten daily, and Daal Roti, Sabzi is as big a Staple diet as any... The Parathas, which is a Hugely Popular bread of Punjab....is also a big hit on the National & International Scene as well... Wheat dough spread on the Pan & fried with Oil or Ghee, Paratha is a staple bread of North India...It also lends itself to various varieties, when stuffed...Infact only ones creativity can limit one making full use of the enormous scale a Paratha offers...Aloo, Gobhi, Mooli, Gaajar, Onion, Palak, Dal, Eggs, Chicken, Parat Parathas, Baingan, Ajwain, Methi,  -- Its enormous.....

Naan, agains is a highly popular bread especially with Mughlai and Indian Food dishes....People Love it soft, crisp,Plain, Buttered, stuffed with Aloo, Paneer, Onions, Keema, the Naan lends itself effortlesslty to variety.......

Puris & Bhaturas, are Popular breads for breakfast....Deep Fried to a Perfect Golden Yellow Color, They taste great , fresh, crisp,Hot & Oily...

Even Kashmir, offers huge variety of bremploymentads, with bakeries being quite a popular mode of Employment

Telvur - Bread with Sesame seeds
Girdaa -  Dough made of wheat, Ghee & Milk
Lavaasa - Dough made of Maidaa, Slight salt
Katlam -

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