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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Foodie Delights - Kabab Corner at KalkaJi

Located at the Corner of the Very Busy & Bustling Krishna Market in Kalkaji, is located the Famous Kabab Corner..Owned by Saleem who also owns a Mutton Shop, just 3 shops adjacent to this outlet.. From the Initial Looks, the shop may look modest, but you get to know the real taste, when one starts digging into the sumptous & delicious meats which they serve

Ordinary Looking shop @ Corner

The best part is that the Shop uses the mutton available from their own shop, even the seekh kababs, the marinates, Shammi Kababs, are all prepared usint their shop mutton, which is fresh & ensures a better contorl over quality as compared to buying the stuff from other shops. We Order the Mutton Seekh Kabab & the Chicken Tikka for starters.... The Seekhs for both were kept in front of us over the coal... just look at the skewer &  the colors

Fresh Skewers on the Tandoor......Vow

The Mutton seekh was just splendid..Infact till the first bite of the Mutton sekkh, I didnt know who the owner was...But the first bite confirmed me, that this Seekh Kabab, has to be staright out of the recipe book of a great Muslim Cook... Vow, each bite was juicy, succulent, just mildly spiced & perfectly crisp..just the right taste for me....Vow !!!!

Juicy Mutton Seekh Kababs

Next on menu was the Chicken Tikka....Absolutely soft, Chewy, Juicy & Tender...The taste was just right, not too much spices, or strong flavor.. The Tikka was crisp as well, howver managed to retain a bit of juice in the bite..Great Tasting..But little expensive at Rs 150/ for 7-8 medium pieces

Great Tasting Chiken Tikka.....Little expensive though...

The Other Delicacies served here are the Mutton Korma, Chicken Biryani 7 the Chicken Haleem on Spl Request. Do Visiy when in Kalka Ji, Home Delivery also done within Kalkaji

Taste - 9
Ambience -7
Value for Money - 6
Hygiene - 8

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