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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vada Pav & Mumbiya Snack @ Delhi

Vada Pav- If you have ever been or stayed in Mumbai, Pune or any Other Maharashtrian State, you will probably be in a position to understand the importance of the Hmble Vada Pav, which is a mighty Street food business & an almost Iconic snack in Maharashtra.... Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Dabeli, in fact constitute a staple food & snacks in Maharashtra

Vada Pav is Hugely Popular in the Entire Maharashtra & is in fact quite a nice & easy to get snack, with all nooks a& corners of Mumbai selling this staple snack….Vada Pavs probably have been around for more than 40 years or so, some stories suggest that Vada Pav was first available Outside the Dadar Station in Mumbai

A deep fried Aloo Patty sandwiched between a Bun…..The Patty is made of a mix of Potatoes, Spices, Curry leaves , a typical Maharashtrian flavor…Deep fried with a basin batter, & getting a light golden yellow color on frying….The Bun is laced with a Very spicy & chilly Dhania Chutney , almost a dynamite… The Bun is also loaded with a powder made of Chillis & Garlic paste .. Have a look at how it looks

Chilli & Garlic Powder Chutney
Kandhe Bhaaji Pav is another speciality in Maharashtra... available at all the corners serving Vada Pavs.... Kandhe means Onions, so basically its a Onion Pakodaa served with a Bun & Chutney....

Misal Pav, is also quite a delicious snack availabel at most of the small & Big Hotesl.. It can be had as a nice breakfast, also had as a quick lunch, Its basically one or 2 namkeen mixtures, like chewda, mixed with a bowl of plain very hot & spicy Curry...Curry & mixture is mixed well, served with Onions, Lemon & Fresh Pavs, this is quite a meal & a hearty snack..... See how this amazing & wholesome snack looks

Dabeli, another Popular snack in Maharashtra & Gujarat. It is one of the most healthy & whole some snack one can have 7 again very widely available in nooks & Corners of Mumbai, Pune , Parts of Maharashtra & Gujarat…. A Mixture of boiled Potatoes, with spices, Onions, is mixed with some Promegrenate (Anaar) & some peanuts, and is sandwiched between the Bun or Pav…. Its served with anaar & peanuts as a side serve along with the Dablei Bun. The anaar adds the sweetness to the hot 7 spicy taste of the mix 7 peanuts.. Quite a Helathy Snack

Do Try these amazing Maharashtrian Snacks whenever in the mood …..  Best Places to Vist in Delhi for Vada Pav & some Maharashtrian Snacks
Delhi Haat / Amchi Mumbai, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon / Food Chowk, Select City Walk, Saket

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