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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Best Food Shows

Being a Foodie, doesnt only mean your obsession for eating food, but its the love that extends itself to anything that concerns food.whether its eating & savouring the delicacies, or just watching some platefuls of the food being served at the other table in a restaurant, while you wait for your Order.. Its also about the quest for all possible Information about the food.......whether in print or on TV

Food Shows have become very popular today, and being the foodie, its almost a religion to catch those programmes whenever one can....I am sure the visual medium, the fantastic presetation of the food, already makes your mouth water....Thats what a Good Food show does..... The Foodie, with actor Kunal as the lead, is quite a popular ond pretty old show & running quite successfully...Now what makes the show so cool to watch is the actors presentation..The Rotund, chubby host, aboslutely doesnt give too much of a damn for his dressing & is most casually dressed....His style of presentation may not be too detailed, but his childlike way of eating, almost greedily, is enough to make one salivate.... I feel that a food Presenter, must be able to salivate the mouths of the avaiewers, & almost make them grab some bite of whatever best they can manage at their homes, or order from Outside, But just make them feel like eating., Thats what Kunal Vijaykar excels in doing.. absolutely brillinat & mouth watering show

The Foodie - Kunal Vijaykar  -- http://www.timesnow.tv/videoshow/4363347.cms

Then the Very Cool, Highway on My Plate, on NDTV good Times with the Rocking combo of Rocky & Mayur....Rocky is one of my favorite Food presenters and seems to have quite a decent knowledge about food , the spices, process of cooking....Their presentation is actually very detailed covering the restaurant, the ambience, the little journey to the eatery....The show also covers some details of the City which they are travelling, thus making it a tad more informative....Their knowledge on the food, the meats, the texture, the explanation is quite superlative as well... At the End of the show, they have their ratings for the restaurant, which is quite Unique & also leave the viewers with a food quote of the day

Watch the Video Link for the really Innovative & Gripping, Highway on my PLate

Then we have Our Veteran Journalist, Vinod Dua rediscovering his passion for food in the Food Show Zaika India ka..This show is more keeping in line with the Image & somber personal of the presenter & is presented in a traditional manner, sans all the spice & vibrancy of the younger presenters…Vinod dua, seems to be quite knowledgeable about the food & the spices which are being used…His eating also seems to be moderated & doesn’t seem to be like the real hungry & gluttonous eater which the other 2 food show hosts manage to bring….His favorite word for the delicious food items seem restricted to “Umdaa” & “Badiyaa”. He akes great use of his Chaste Hindi, & fluent urdu & brings a very Indian Dimension to the Food

Watch the Foodie & Journalist, Vinod Dua in action, as he explores Zaika India Ka

Then there is another Popular Journalist Anisha Baig in her new show– “Will Travel for food”….While Highway on my plate, was about the street food, & small to budget eateries, Anisha Baigs show is about the Class & Upmarket restaurants as well…I have to admit though that the lady seems to do full justice as far as the eating is Concerned..although she is a Pretyy lady, there is absolutely nothing lady like about the eating& I am sure she would do all female foodies proud…..The theme of the show seems to be more on the Presentation & styling of the food & its presentation…..However the only drawback I feel is that the Program runs in a Voice Over mode, which somewhat kills the spontainiety of the presentation……Its  difficult to create & express the real reactions, the feeling of esctacy, which you achieve on savoring something divine in taste,  and reproduce it later in a studio….

Among Other Food Show, Chakh le India, is also pretty decent, however the presenter, doesn’t seem to elicit the same response which a really big fat foodie can. The Guy seems pretty knowledgable about the Cooking Processes & spices and he dwells more on the Cooking style, and technical aspects of the food………Floyds India, was one of the earlier food shows  & one of the most innovative, which combied cooking and excellent detailing about the local cuisne, process of cooking & the Host, Floyd is an almost legendary figure in the Culinary world….One of the Richest Voice baritones , smooth voice & excellent presentation, made him a  treat to watch…His trademark style of sipping hiw white wines while cooking some exquisite dishes, would make your mouth salivate & immediately head to the nearest eatery to maka e bite

Another Favorite Show, wherin the presenter, is able to create the foodie magic is Man Vs Food…..Vow,,,, what a show & what a Prsenter..This show is about the basics…..not technicalities about food making, not about the spices, or textures…Its not about the cooking styles, recipes & cultures, its just ablut eating……This man takes crazy Challenges & attempts to win those, Like a 3 foot sandwich, or a 6 Kg Ice Cream …Uff, and the way he stuffs himself during the challenge one cant stop feelling bad for him, and just wish, Hey Brother, Can i Help You

Watch him in one of his food Challenges - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE_gmsWG4yY&feature=player_detailpage

To all the Foodies, who love eating, who love thinking about, who love watching, food......"THERE IS NO LOVE MORE SINCERE THAN THE LOVE FOR FOOD", George Bernard Shaw

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