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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tundey Kababi@ DaryaGanj, Delhi

Foodie Delite - Tundey Kababi@ DaryaGanj, Delhi

After Serving Lucknow with great love for more than 100 years,Tundey Kababi,has really found a Place in the plate & palate of quite a few Delhites

I went there Last Friday with My Family.... If you are One of those, for whom Fine dining is all about the finest Cutlery, Chilled Air Conditioning, Nice & Chic Upholstery, then Probably ths may not be the place for you, But if you really like to dig your hands deep in some real meal & dont mind licking that finger, This is the right place for you. For the Foodie, its always great to see fellow foodies so up close & personal...

We got the First Table just at the entrance, and the smell of rich Korma Gravy & Biryani, filled my nose as we entered.. The waitor, seemed to have recognised me, thanks to the generous Rs 40 tip i had given him last time.....well straight to the Point, Our Family grabbed the chairs & we sat down for the Culinary Tour that they were to experince for he first time, for me it was the 2nd time & probably many more to go...

We ordered the Restaurant Favourite, 2 plates of Tunde Kababi, with their Spl Paratha., 1 Plate Chicken seekh....Tunde Kababs just seem to melt in the mouth,... being blended with quite a number aromatic spices & herbs, the kababs didnt seem to be very spicy for my taste buds.....The kababs are made in a manner where they are kept on a very slow flame on a Huge Digchee (Or steel Vessel) & Put in an Inclined manner,where the Oil, mixes with the Juice of the Kababas & gives a beautiful flavor to the Kababs....The kababs dont seem to be too oily as well, How well the Oil & Kabab mix, to offer a divine bite

The Paratha, made of maida though, is very soft & a tasty bite....The Chicken Seekh, was pretty Normal...with Coriander being a very strong flavor...Been a Sekh Kabab lover, I have always felt, that the Goat always beets the Chicken , on the seekh....Seekh Kabab Lovers do not consider Chicken seekh much of a match compared to the Rich Lamb Seekh

After 3 Plates of Tunde Kababi, & 1 Plate Chicen Seekh, It was time for some Heavy stuff....The Flavorsome Biryani & the Chicken Kurma....My Favourite Part in the Biryani, surprisingly is the Rice -- Full of flavors of rich spices, saffron, Cardamom, The smell of ghee, the rice grains were completely soaked in all flavors of spices & the meat juices ..It was the normal rice & not the Basmati one, The chicken kurma seemed average fair...with some portion litte uncooked for my liking..... The Mutton biryani, seemed to fair better, with meat little Crisp & nicely flavored

The Chicken Qurma, laden with Ghee, Oil,Saffron, cardamom flavors... had a little tangy flavor in the curry.The challenge of tackling the bones, gives a fair idea of the cooking, more so with the relatively tender bones of chicken as compared to the Lamb...The Chicken Bones seemed to have completely soaked the flavor of the Kurma & it was evident while chewing the bones..

The Firni, or the Kheer as they called it, was not at par with the authentic Phirnis...was too sweet for my taste.

All in All a Hearty meal with the Family ..Moments like these are what make life so special. a good meal wih your family, Your foodie Dad enjoying a nice meal after a long time....mother & wife didnt seem to enjoy much, as they are vegetarians(wife avoids Non veg on some select days of the week-- never understood her choice of days, Vegetarion on Friday Evening is like Insulting the weekends).Do try the Tundey Kababs with Paratha, Chicken Biryani & Korma

Value for Money -9
Taste -8
Hygeine -8.5


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