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Saturday, November 12, 2011

ChankyaPuri Momos

ChanakyaPuri Market - The Place which has aquired almost a Legendary Status among the Student Community....Known for its various small eateries, which dish out quick fix Chinesee Menu which is so much a part of Delhis food as is Delhis Cholle Bhature...and that too at really affordable prices which just dont pinch the wallet of the Students...Another very reasonable & filling food item, which is really popular is the Momos.....A slew of 10-12 Restaurants serving Indianised Chinese, Thai food....

The New Look - ChanakyaPuri
I went to ChanakyaPuri after a long time and was pleasently surprised to see the new look of ChanakyaPuri - with very brightly & nicely colored lights & all restaurants lined up neatly in the same line & calling out customers to their restaurants...A Hot Favorite among students for their low prices

Restaurants lined up...with bright lights & colors

We Ordered the All time Favorite Steamed Chicken Momos & Chicken Noodles... The Momos being a Huge hit here, took just 5-7 minutes to reach our table .... One Bite into the Momos & I could realise why they are so popular among students.....The Chicken Mince inside is quite liberal & generous....spiced with Garlic, Ginger, Lot sof Coriander ...Also the Chicken Stock, while boiling / steaming the Chicken with spices seems to have been mixed along with the mince & kept as a filling in the chicken momos .. Thats why the Momos were so Juicy .... There was some Chicken stock left inside the Momos.....

Chicken Momos - Juicy & Soft
Then we Ordered another Favorite, the Fried Momos .. The Same Momos are deep fried till they turn Golden Brown...Here Again, the Chiken Stock seemed to be oozing out of the Fried Momos, once you ake a bite from them......juices oozing out of the Momos ......

Fried Chicken Momos

The Chicken Noodles seem to be everybodys favorite food item, especially for the Students ...For Rs120/=, you get a Huge Bowl of Noodles with reasonable portion of Chicken....Some Cabbage, Onions, Capsicum , Spices &  you have a Simple fillin bowl of Chicken Noodles
Bowl of Chicken Noodles

The Place is not the best if you are looking for great Hygiene ... But for a Hungry Palate looking for sme variety, taste & not willing to spend much, this place is a good try

Word of Caution - dont try the Sauces - They are kept in Open Jars/ Containers, so avoid them

Hygiene - 5
Taste - 7
Value for Money - 8

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