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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DePauls- Legendary Cold Coffees

 Long time ago, when there were No Cafe Coffe Days, No Baristas, No Mocha Bars, No Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Delhites were still a bunch of enthusiastic foodies, who made most of the Limited Options they had ... People had to go to Coffee Shops of Five Star Hotels for a Hot Cuppa, but not many could afford a Coffee in 5 Star Hotels those  wodays . I am not sure how many can still afford their daily Cuppa in such hotels .. When Coffee Shops were mainly the abode of Intellectuals, Business Leaders, Acamedicians, Hot seat for Student Union Politics, DePauls was the Hot Spot for young delhites to spend a good evening and drink one of the most fascinating drinks - Cold Coffee


DePauls Cold Coffee is almost legendary & enjoys a Cult status amongst the Old Timer Delhities , Probably One more name that comes to mind is that of Cavendars, located originally at Cavendars ... These 2 Places have almost been a part of the perfect shopping experience of many a Delhites ... Janpath, Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar - have been the shopping hubs for the affluent Delhites ... While Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar, Lajpat Nagar were the shopping adobe for middle class Indians, South Extension, Connaught PLace were more of a Status symbol shopping Market ,,Shopping in CP, Janpath- would always fill Delhites with a sense of Pride, achievment & one which had to be celebrated well enough .... Lot of shopping excursions at Janpath would be incomplete without a Cold Coffee at DePauls....Started by the Paul Brothers, whose rotund personality made them a great fun treat to watch....

DePauls introduced Delhites to the Concept of Jumbo Sandwiches,,,,,, these were the Normal Big Slices of Fresh Sandwich bread, loaded with tons of Mayonaise, Coleslaw & served some of the Best Chicken Sandwiches of Delhi.....They offered a Range of Bakery Products, namely Chicken , Cheese & Mushroom Pattice, Cold & Grilled Sandwiches, Rolls, etc.......After a marathon Road side & street shopping excusrion, one would gorge on the Sandwiches & Cold Coffees of DePauls....

Do Visit when you are in Janpath Next - If not for the Love of Cold Coffee, but to imbibe the experience of Vow !!! which millions & millions of Delhites have felt at this small & amazing Joint which serves some of the Best remembered & Most Nostalgic Cold Coffees, if not the best

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